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Apartment for Sale in Turkey

The idea of spending at least part of one's life in another nation is attractive to a great number of people, and many often fantasize about doing so. And for a very good reason. One's life improves in countless ways. The decision to go overseas can have far-reaching positive effects. In reality, people decide to relocate to a new country for a wide variety of factors. Relocating abroad may give a chance to start afresh in terms of personal development, professional pursuits, and overall life goals.

It's a chance to start over and make a new identity for yourself. Moving to a new country means starting over from scratch. I say, why don't you switch things up a bit yourself?

Is Apartment for Sale in Turkey Safe?

Expats will find a wide variety of opportunities in Turkey, mostly due to the country's successful blending of Eastern and Western ways of life. Those who move to the Mediterranean may enjoy lounging on sandy beaches or explore historic cities with vibrant colors and Middle Eastern-style markets. Both new and experienced expats will find that life in Turkey is an incredible adventure. However, many newcomers to Turkey should be aware of the challenges they may face as they strive to adapt to the country's distinctive culture! Since the days of the Ottoman Empire, the people of Turkey have maintained a policy of tolerance, which has contributed to the country's ability to attract foreign direct investment from a diverse range of countries. Within the portfolio of Vartur Real Estate, there are apartment options for sale in addition to villa for sale turkey options, land for sale Turkey options, and other types of Turkey Real Estate options. In fact, not only in Turkey, but also in Dubai Real Estate, Vartur Real Estate portfolios are actively involved in the market!

Is Apartment for Sale in Turkey a Good Investment?

There are many different reasons to buy an apartment for sale in Turkey. Here are some of the most important ones:

• The potential for obtaining a Turkish residency visa for real estate

• After getting Turkish citizenship, you have the opportunity to receive a reliable Turkish passport with global travel privileges

• Purchasing real estate in Turkey to help with the income

• Making it possible for investors to connect their international investments between the East and the West

• A good return on investment based on Turkey's alluring tourism, where renting apartment for rent Turkey year-round at record prices during various tourist seasons is possible.

• Giving children a chance to study at Turkish universities, with foreign schools in numerous languages and scientific references available. 

• Being a safe, comfortable, and beautiful place where the investor may live safely and happily.

• The cost of living is generally more affordable than in Europe and certain Arab nations, with good quality, a strong infrastructure, investment freedom, and associated facilities. 

• The environment is conservative in some areas and close to eastern and Arab customs.

• An Istanbul apartment for sale is one of the most notable choices in the nation because it offers a variety of flats and stores within contemporary projects alongside a unique natural and social setting.

• The cost of living is roughly 50% less costly in Turkey than in other nations, such as Britain; therefore, you can buy a suitable property for a lot less money than you would pay for a similar home in another European country, like France.

• You can use your apartment for sale in Turkey for various things, including family housing, rental, and other uses.

How to Buy an Apartment for Sale in Turkey?

When buying an apartment for sale in Turkey, it's essential to make the right choice if you want to make a good investment. It would be best to think about several things, such as the best location, the building's features, and other essential things. It is also crucial to pay attention to the qualities of residential real estate that yielded the best returns for investors who purchased them and the places that continuously gave the best prospects for real estate investors to make money.

  • Turkish banks have options for protecting their customers' money during online transactions. First, there must be a title deed, or "tapu," for a home in Turkey. Next, a building license ("imar") and finally, an "iskan" ("habitation certificate") are needed. You should only give money if you have confirmed the property has the aforementioned. Checking with the Land Registry Office (Tapu Dairesi in Turkish) is a must if you want to make sure the property you're interested in is free of liens and fines like an "ipotek (mortgage)," which would make you responsible for paying if you bought it. Pay in total for new construction only after the title deed has been issued in your name, and you have received a copy to review.

  • Having an "iskan," or habitation certificate shows that the house is safe to live in and was built according to codes and seismic guidelines. In Turkey, the borders of title documents might be either blue or red. Deeds with blue borders indicate single-family homes or lots with houses on them, while those with red borders indicate apartments or other multi-family dwellings (together called "site"). If you own a home with a red-bordered deed, you should know that most of the time, you will have to pay a monthly maintenance fee to the community.

Can Foreigners Buy Property in Turkey?

Investing in Turkey from outside of the country is not uncommon at all. When dealing with a situation like this, there are a few crucial aspects that need your full attention. First of all, keep in mind that you will owe a capital gains tax, a relatively small percentage of the profit made if you sell your property within five years of purchase. Taxes on home sales will be set at 4 percent of the property's actual value, with sellers also required to have the property evaluated by a private business, which should put an end to underreporting of sales prices in order to avoid paying the appropriate amount of taxation. A foreign identity number, translator, and notarized translations of passports are required for individuals from outside Turkey to purchase real estate in Turkey; however, the first two criteria can be waived by granting power of attorney. Keep in mind that there are stringent limitations on building on land here in Turkey, and as of July of this year, it became illegal to build a building on agricultural land. This restriction applies to foreigners who wish to purchase land and is limited to 30 hectares. On the other hand, if you buy real estate in Turkey for the equivalent of $250,000 and then don't sell it for three years, you can apply for Turkish citizenship.