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Property for Sale in Kemer

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Kemer Property for Sale

Kemer is one of Antalya's most popular tourist spots, both domestic and international. The area's beaches, scenery, and historical landmarks make Kemer property or sale an ideal getaway. Many domestic and international sightseers flock to the area every year because of its wide range of attractions. Beautiful bays, national parks, natural places, and ancient ruins are just some of the attractions offered by houses for sale in Kemer. 

Other than seaside activities, property for sale Kemer Turkey offers a variety of natural activities. As a result, people who enjoy recreational activities can have many outdoor occupations, such as long walks in the wilderness, hiking, and sightseeing by the sea, except for many types of water sports.

Can Foreigners Buy Property in Kemer?

Kemer is a beautiful beach town that sits at the foot of the tall Taurus Mountains. The city center of Kemer and the area around it are now full of friendly hotels, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, and bars. About 20 years ago, Kemer was a sleepy fishing village, and no one there knew about the many stunning natural attractions nearby! However, now everyone can enjoy all of Kemer's splendors. As long as they don't come from one of the countries banned explicitly from doing so under Turkish law, foreigners are free to purchase Kemer real estate. Kemer homes for sale are a good option for both tourists and locals who want to escape busy cities, take a break from their hectic lives, and simply relax. Kemer villa for sale is a fantastic tourist destination because the sea, mountains, and forests are all combined here. Maybe it is the answer to this question: is Kemer property a good investment? As you can guess, the answer is buying property in Kemer a good investment.

Kemer is a beautiful part of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Kemer Turkey property for sale is a great place to live and an even better place to invest. On a yacht tour, you can see its enchanted beauty, secret bays, and unspoiled landscapes, or you can walk along the Kemer streets to watch carpet weavers at work and try Turkish specialties like gozleme and ayran. Around the beach, a lot of expensive Kemer properties are for sale. Lucky for you, Vartur Real Estate has a wide variety of affordable houses in Kemer and Turkey real estate to choose from! 

Where to Invest in Kemer?

When people think of a summer vacation in Turkey, a detached house for sale in Kemer is one of the first places that come to mind. This is because Kemer houses are one of Turkey's best-known tourist destinations. You can spend a luxurious vacation alone with nature in a Kemer villa for sale and enjoy the nightlife, lively beaches, cafes, and restaurants in dynamic and central areas. 

Kemer real estate for sale caters to travelers worldwide looking for all types of vacation experiences. Because of its unique location, Kemer is a great place to start when you want to see more of Antalya. If you do not want to hang around in the sun and the sea, you can organize a sightseeing excursion during which you will travel to some of the most popular attractions in the region. 

Kemer Center

You'll find the town's most significant energy and diversity in Kemer Center. Kemer's core district is more active and offers a variety of options for spending time away from houses for sale in Kemer than the rest of the city. In any case, properties for sale in Kemer Center have a lot to offer, including beaches, restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, bars, and shops.

There aren't many historical, cultural, or natural attractions in the central region other than the usual suspects, like bazaars, the famous Kemer bar district, and the most popular beaches. Other parts of Kemer have a lot of great attractions besides those that you can see in Kemer Center, but Kemer Center is at the best possible location to see most of them. This means that if you purchase an apartment or sale in Kemer, you won't just be able to enjoy the region; you'll also have easy access to places like Olympos, Adrasan, and Antalya through public transportation or your car.


Beycik is a lovely mountain village in the Kemer region of Antalya province. The village is nestled in the mountains against the sea, providing breathtaking panoramic views from every angle. From any point in the settlement, you can take in the breathtaking panorama of the surrounding mountains. This is the place to go if you're looking to escape the rush of city life and the allure of the sea, sand, and sun in favor of more time spent with the mountain, forest, and relatively wild wildlife. 

Beycik is also situated on Turkey's first long-distance hiking trail, the Lycian Way. The Lycian Way is a 509-kilometer walking path that goes from lands in Fethiye to Antalya. As a matter of fact, Beycik is one of the most beautiful spots along this route for growing your own vegetables on land for sale in Kemer

The villagers can live longer and healthier lives because of many things, such as low humidity, being away from the noise of cities, and having access to natural foods.


Beldibi, located on the outskirts of stunning mountains, is one of Kemer's most popular summer destinations, thanks to its stunning natural beauty and 5 kilometers of golden yellow sandy beach. As a result of its proximity to both Kemer and Antalya, Beldibi property for sale in Kemer is an excellent option for people looking to be halfway between Antalya and Kemer. 

Is It Safe to Buy Property in Kemer for Sale?

​​Kemer is a secure location in which to invest in real estate. What could go wrong about buying a home in Kemer? Well, nothing comes to mind! Let Vartur Real Estate show you how welcoming the growing city of Kemer is to both Turks and foreigners. Vartur real estate provides a trustworthy assurance for each property purchase made in Turkey.

Kemer is a thriving metropolis with bright prospects.

The newly built home for sale in Kemer comes with a warranty on the building. This gives buyers peace of mind that the builder will fix any problems. Safety is guaranteed with the help of Vartur Real Estate's expert team members. We at Vartur Real Estate ensure that the people we work with meet our high-quality standards and are reliable enough to keep their promises on newly built Kemer real estate for sale. So, is it safe to buy property in Kemer Turkey? 

Is Kemer Property a Good Investment?

Kemer is a bustling metropolis that has a promising future. A newly built Kemer property for sale is a great chance to start over. Since there are new homes for sale in Kemer, the high standards of the city keep getting better and better. Because of this rise in tourism, purchasing Kemer real estate is considered a wise financial decision. Furthermore, Kemer real estate for sale is a good investment if you're looking for high-return investments. Kemer real estate for sale is both a financial investment and a pleasant place to spend vacations, thanks to the area's proximity to stunning natural features and significant cultural landmarks. Many foreigners are considering investing in Kemer real estate after hearing about the recent influx of ex-pats who have purchased Kemer homes for sale Turkey. Also, people from all walks of life see Kemer real estate as a place to call home AND make money.