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Apartment for Sale in Bodrum

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Bodrum Apartment for Sale

Bodrum is a fantastic destination for history buffs. The German knight and architect Heinrich Schlegelholt began building the Bodrum Castle in 1402. In 1409, Pope Clement V made a decree that said construction workers would go to heaven. The Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the seven ancient wonders, is also located in Bodrum. The presence of such attractions increases the value of Bodrum real estate, as visitors are interested in seeing them regardless of whether or not they know anything about Bodrum's history.

Bodrum apartments are built in the traditional Mediterranean style, with whitewashed walls and climbing bougainvillea. Another good thing about homes for sale in Bodrum is that the building regulations prohibit construction over two stories, so your view will continue to be excellent.

Can Foreigners Buy Apartment in Bodrum?

Of course, foreigners can buy homes in Bodrum, although it goes without saying that some nations are subject to purchase limitations. So, you can find out more about it by talking to the related ministry in your country, getting in touch with us, or reading relevant articles about it on our blog. Investors worldwide can use Vartur Real Estate's services in Turkey and Dubai Real Estate, so don't hesitate to get in touch.

How Do I Buy Apartment in Bodrum?

The most intriguing topic for individuals looking to buy a Turkey home is whether or not they can buy an apartment. Here, we cleared up any confusion you may have about the topic of if can foreigners buy apartment in Bodrum. The Turkish government does not restrict foreigners from buying Turkish real estate. Even, property investment in Turkey has attracted foreigners from all over the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, etc.

First, we recommend you list your priorities, including how much you can afford, the type of apartment you want, and the location of the desired property. Bodrum has lovely apartments as well as magnificent Bodrum villas for sale. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can always find land for sale in Bodrum and use it to make whatever kind of investment you'd like to make. As a result, where and what kind of apartment you want to buy in Turkey is more important.

Where to Invest in Bodrum Real Estate?

While every region of Bodrum is excellent for investing, there is one region that stands out, and that is Yalikavak. The question of where to invest in Bodrum is mainly Yalikavak because Yalikavak is a high-end yachting town on the northwest coast of the Bodrum peninsula in southwest Turkey. It attracts many upscale people to luxury yachts all year, making it an excellent place to invest in Bodrum real estate. Since Yalikavak is such a popular destination, the investment properties for sale in Bodrum, in this area, tend to be marketed at exorbitant rates. But because they attract high-end visitors, these luxury properties are excellent for investors because they bring in good rental income. 

Two-bedroom apartments, large duplexes, and even high-end penthouse suites are for sale in Bodrum. A pool is a must in the majority of complexes, and some duplexes even have their own pools. The rental potential of Bodrum property for sale is excellent, and the area is popular with tourists, so you won’t regret catching the opportunity to buy an apartment for sale in Bodrum. Bodrum apartments for sale may generate up to 8% of annual rental income. The cost of renting Bodrum apartments is increasing in value by 10% per year, which is excellent news.

Is It Safe to Buy an Apartment in Bodrum?

Bodrum is a popular city for foreigners to buy homes in Turkey because it has a lively nightlife, beautiful architecture, and an excellent public transportation system. Those looking to invest in Bodrum real estate can choose from a wide variety of apartments, including those with a view of the sea and those with a view of the city and the mountains. The tremendous demand for the city and the vast number of projects planned to acquire apartments in Bodrum for sale has led to an enormous supply of complexes, and the apartments themselves have a wide variety of room counts and other amenities. This city has more international investment than any other country because most people there speak more than one language, mostly English. 

Is Bodrum Apartment for Sale a Good Investment?

Bodrum real estate is affordable and has some of the best value for money in Turkey and Europe because of its convenient location and high standard of living. Almost all of the apartments in Bodrum have views of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas because they are constructed on the beautiful scenic hills that make up the peninsula. 

For many people, the most compelling reason to buy a Bodrum apartment for sale, whether for the summer or as a permanent home, is the addictive lifestyle. Because of its good reputation, Bodrum has been attracting tourists from all over the world for decades. Its laid-back vibe also makes it one of Turkey's top 3 tourist destinations and the top destination on the Aegean coast. The international vibes, which draw inspiration from other cultures, also make everyone feel at home. Everyone can find something to do, whether it is enjoying the local food, relaxing on the beach, sailing the coastline, or exploring historic ruins. The cost of living isn't as high as it is in some other countries, which is great for apartment owners who can enjoy all of the above extras.

Looking at the bigger picture, Bodrum apartments for sale are a significant player in the Turkish real estate market, and the nation as a whole is seeing a surge of foreign buyers eager to take advantage of the country's affordable prices, citizenship by investment programs, and the possibility of long-term capital growth. Due to the market's activity, Bodrum apartment for sale also provides a high level of liquidity so that buyers can sell and turn a profit. It's a well-liked vacation spot for both Turks and foreign tourists, so that you can contribute to a large global market. Bodrum property for sale is perfect for year-round living and has superheated summers, cool spring and fall months, and a short-lived rainy season.

Price for Apartments in Bodrum

  • Bodrum apartments with two bedrooms are available for between $60,000 and $200,000 in a complex located on a hillside with a sea view. 

  • Depending on the features of the apartments, you may find the best deals in Turgutreis, Yalikavak, or Gumusluk.

  • Apartments in Yalikavak, Turkbuku, and Bodrum Town with two bedrooms and a sea view can cost up to $500,000. These are typically high-end complexes that offer hotel-style services like valet parking and 24-hour front desk assistance to their residents.

  • Even at these lower rates, rental yields are still good in the main districts, so it's worth looking around for more affordable investment housing in Bodrum in places like the major alternative of Turgutreis, Gumusluk, and Gokcebel, to mention.