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Kalkan Property for Sale

Kalkan property for sale is a boon to those who purchase it because the town is not overrun with tourists during the summer because of its relative isolation from the larger cities of Dalaman and Antalya, where the nearest airports are located. The lavish villa in Kalkan could provide the seclusion you seek. This stunning Mediterranean city has just the right amount of people and lively nightlife without ever becoming overwhelming.

Some of the most beautiful Turkish real estate listings are in Kalkan, a city in the province of Antalya. They are in an old, simple neighborhood on the Mediterranean coast of Antalya Province. Due to the size of Kalkan Bay and the fact that there needs to be more space to build more apartments and villas, there is a lot of demand for well-designed homes for sale in Kalkan.

Can Foreigners Buy Property in Kalkan?

In 2012, the government implemented reforms that made it possible for buyers from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, the European Union, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait to purchase real estate in Kalkan. However, customers from nations like China and India face some limitations on their purchasing power.

How Do I Buy Property in Kalkan?

Turkey real estate requires a valid passport, a Turkish tax number (which may be readily obtained either while you are out here or your power of attorney can apply for this on your behalf), a home address in your country, and the names and birthdates of both your parents to purchase property in Turkey. ​​Turkish property deals in Turkey real estate typically close within a few days. The usual time frame is between four and six weeks. In Turkey real estate terms, the buying procedures are easy to understand, and you need only provide a few pieces of paperwork to complete the deal. It is recommended that you have all of your ducks in a row, including your finances before you begin looking seriously or touring Turkish properties for sale. By doing this, you'll be in the strongest possible position to make an offer on a home and close on it swiftly.

Where to Invest in Kalkan Real Estate?

Visitors to Kalkan should take the time to get to know the six different neighborhoods so they can find the best pubs, shops, restaurants, banks, and transportation hubs. 

  • Kalamar is popular with buy-to-let investors searching for rental houses. At the same time, Kiziltas attracts buyers on a tighter budget who are okay with sacrificing some of the coast's most breathtaking views. 

  • Even though many potential buyers say they want to buy a traditional house with bougainvillea in the historic district, the fact that there are few of them and they sell for a lot of money can stop a lot of them from doing so.

  • Ortalaan, often known as the "new Kalkan," is a convenient and close-by option because it houses the city's most essential public services and bus terminal.

  • You can also consider some beautiful beachfront villas with modern interiors in the wealthy areas of Komurluk and Kisla if you can spend a little more money.

Price for Property for Sale in Kalkan

In spite of the fact that we have provided the following data, the most helpful thing would be for interested purchasers to get in touch with the Vartur Real Estate team and negotiate a price that is suitable for their needs and budget. The cost of real estate in Kalkan is as region-specific as it is in the rest of Turkey. Taking into account the buyer’s needs and budget, we will show the best property at the fairest price.

  • Kalkan property ranges from affordable Kalkan apartments with sea views to luxurious Kalkan villas on hilltops or in waterfront locations. You can purchase upscale Kalkan homes with three to four bedrooms for around $300,000. Apartments and villas in Kalkan can be bought for as little as $200,000, making it an affordable option for those looking to invest in Turkey.

  • Pricing for a modern, seaside, three-bedroom detached villa in Ortaalan with a private pool begins at $400,000.

  • It starts at $500,000 for a four-bedroom, four-bathroom luxury home with a view of the sea and the neighborhoods of Kisla or Ortaalan.

  • A beachfront lot in Kalkan with a private pool and three to four bedrooms is available between 600,000 and 1.2 million dollars for sale. 

  • Starting at $90,000 and going up to $150,000, you can own a modern luxury apartment in Kalkan with a view of the sea and access to the building's shared amenities (pool, café, etc.).

  • Prices begin at $250,000 for a 600-square-meter plot of buildable land with a view of the sea in Kalkan.

Is Buying Property in Kalkan a Good Investment?

We have already covered why buying property in Kalkan is a good investment. Kalkan properties have become more and more valuable because of the shrinking amount of available Kalkan land and the near-perfection of the homes there. At the same time, the Kalkan property for sale is an excellent investment because the city is not highly congested without losing any of its joy and sociability. However, we have a few suggestions to make the property you buy in Kalkan an even better investment. In that case, 

  • We suggest you invest in contemporary-designed homes rather than older, traditional ones. 

  • Check the zoning and planning rules for the plots in front of you. You don’t want to have a blocked perspective a few years from now to have an obstructed view.

  • Purchase a seaside Kalkan property if you can. Those coastal areas in Kalkan real estate will increase in value the most in the forthcoming years.

  • The ideal number of bedrooms is four, yet the fifth bedroom is desirable but unnecessary.

  • Additionally, never give up on unobstructed sea views. If you have to spend a little bit more money for an open view, do it without a doubt. Remember that the extra money will more than pay for itself in rental revenue.