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Antalya Property for Sale

The center of the Turkish Mediterranean, Antalya is one of the most exciting cities on Turkey Real Estate thanks to its diverse environment, vibrant economy, and seaside property options. 

A massive, vibrant city with miles and miles of gorgeous sandy beaches, Antalya is located on Turkey's lovely south coast. By buying a property for sale in Antalya, you can enjoy a wonderful climate with over 300 days of glorious sunlight on average each year and fairly moderate winters just as beautiful as we offer you among Dubai Real Estate.

Where to Invest in Antalya Real Estate?

Antalya is a popular real estate investment destination since it is situated on Turkey's turquoise riviera, boasts a year-round pleasant climate, and features stunning views of both the Mediterranean and the Taurus Mountains. We've compiled a list of the top Antalya regions where you may find a great apartment to invest in.

  • Belek

Investing in real estate in Belek means getting in on the ground floor of the country's burgeoning golf industry. Some of the finest golf courses in the world are located just beyond the gates of many upscale subdivisions. The area's fame means that some prospective buyers are searching for Antalya apartment for sale with the intention of renting them out during golf vacations. Not to mention that many foreign residents make Belek their permanent home! While newly constructed luxury villas are the standard, there has been a growing trend toward purchasing land and building a home from the ground up. Despite Belek's notoriety, the average price of an apartment for sale in Antalya is an attractive proposition for first-time buyers. The proximity to Antalya International Airport, which can be reached in under an hour by car is another perk to investing in an apartment for sale Antalya.

  • Konyaalti

Even though Konyaalti is located in the middle of the city, you shouldn't assume that its central location conjures up an urban lifestyle full of hustling and bustling because it also features one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey and is adjacent to the Lara beach zone. In addition to being close to the historic district, homeowners who purchase an apartment for sale Antalya also enjoy easy access to a diverse selection of local businesses, including a large variety of retail outlets, eating establishments, and financial institutions. Moreover, Konyaalti is connected to other areas with an efficient network of public transportation! Since Konyaalti's 7-kilometer beach offers a breathtaking panorama of the mountains, it serves as the city's social epicenter and features numerous beach parks backed by stores, restaurants, and bars for those who love an active life of style. A duplex apartment for sale Antalya with a view of the Mediterranean is a perfect way to start each day if you decide to invest in an apartment in Antalya, Konyaalti neighborhood, which is known for its idyllic setting and beachside lifestyle.

  • Kalkan

The town of Kalkan is known as Turkey's Mediterranean jewel and a hotspot for high-end real estate, whereas Mahmutlar is seen as a good option for those on a tighter budget or as first-time homebuyers who want to invest in an apartment for sale Antalya. Although apartments are available on the market, the vast majority of Kalkan property for sale are big villas with four to six bedrooms, infinity pools, landscaped yards, and windows that go from floor to ceiling, all of which take full advantage of the town's spectacular sea views. The old town, with its historic white stone homes, is one of six areas available to investors. The vantage points of Ortalaan's million-dollar houses and Kisla and Kiziltas's remote hills are unmatched so that you want to stay in your apartment for sale Antalya all year round!

  • Alanya

Alanya is a busy city in the far east of the region and is a great place to invest. But if you're looking for a great place to buy a home, Mahmutlar should be at the top of your list. Mahmutlar's population swells to well over 60,000 when seasonal residents and visitors arrive in the summer, despite its remote location of 10 kilometers from Alanya's downtown. This increase in the population is also good because of the town council's investments in new roads and other facilities, Mahmutlar is now widely regarded as one of the best places in Antalya to purchase a property. If you believe this is the end, think again! This beautiful 5-kilometer beach Alanya is the centerpiece of daily life for the locals. On top of all that, any house buyer searching for a buy-to-let property will find the residential property pricing in Mahmutlar to be very attractive.

  • Side

One of the most historical regions in Antalya, Side exudes an air of gloom of bygone days because it was constructed around existing old structures. To give an example, the Apollo temple is a major attraction, and the city's sophisticated taverns, restaurants, and stores make it a great area to settle down and maybe set up a shop for interested people. In order to enjoy the best golf experience Turkey has to offer, golf enthusiasts need only drive a short distance to Belek. Improvements to the city's aesthetic in recent years include a new promenade and updated streets, and due to strict building codes, no residential building in Side can be more than four stories tall just like you’d find some parts of Istanbul Real Estate. Locals often travel to neighboring Manavgat so that they can enjoy waterfalls and a wider variety of concepts restaurants, shops, supermarkets, and home goods stores. Ilica, Colakli, Kumkoy, and Evrenseki are some of the most popular neighborhoods in Side for property investment.

How to Buy Property in Antalya?

Easy as pie! Contact us immediately after you made your decision. Although, conducting thorough general research beforehand will be useful. Before you get in touch with us, maybe you can ask yourself a few questions including;

  • What's my budget?

  • What type of property do I want to live in?

  • What area of Antalya is best for me?

  • What are my motivations for wanting to invest in real estate?

Is Antalya Property a Good Investment?

It is very natural for you to wonder if purchasing real estate in Antalya is a smart financial move at this point in your life. But first, allow me to give you a little overview of Antalya. So you will decide for yourself.

First of all, before mentioning investment, Antalya property for sale is perfect for long-term living because of its first-rate amenities, including private hospitals, foreign schools, shopping centers, and a magnificent airport. Antalya is such a lively place with so much to do and see every day of the year. While residing here, buyers are never bored, (we hardly think so, yet…) even if they are, a variety of nearby towns are easily reachable by just car.

Think about it, it’s for a reason that Antalya’s population has doubled in ten years. After that, the economy and a shock wave of good growth over the entire region boosted the value of Antalya property for sale, and the area started alluring more tourists and investors.

Did you know that, in 2014, Antalya was ranked third among the world's top tourist destinations? Over 19% of the land in Antalya is used for food cultivation, and also the city has a robust business of it. Because of this, Antalya property for sale in Turkey is expanding at the highest rate, drawing both domestic and foreign buyers who are drawn to the region's lifestyle and investment opportunities. In Antalya, property options are as varied as its surroundings! Beautiful towering mountain peaks cover Antalya with fascinating white snow vistas. While until the early spring the snow stays for the free show, during the hottest part of the summer, the temperatures soar to 45 degrees centigrade.

Can Foreigners Buy Property in Antalya?

Antalya is open to international homebuyers. Applying for a reputable agency will be the initial move in this direction. Our team at Vartur Real Estate is here to help you. Now, however, before we move on, there are a few things that are very crucial to take into consideration whether you stay with us or not.

How Do I Buy Property in Antalya?

While purchasing real estate is generally straightforward, we at Vartur Real Estate aim to streamline the process even further for our clients. Let us explain how easy to buy a property in Antalya in short.

  • Always verify the agent's credibility, credentials, and legal authority before committing to a contract. This may be easily verified with an online search for the company's name, where you can also see their website along with its physical location.

  • Once you have verified their legitimacy, it is time to discuss your housing needs, including the price range you can afford and the amenities you value most. A real estate agent may be able to show you a house that is not even on the market yet! Thus, it is crucial to be forthright and conscious of your own desires.

  • Although purchasing property in Turkey is simple and quick for foreigners, dealing with legal formalities in a new country without assistance can be challenging. Vartur Real Estate provides you a lawyer.

  • Visit the places you're interested in seeing in person so you can make an informed decision. 

  • Inquire about the price and payment arrangements of the property and pay the deposit if you want the property.

  • When you put down a deposit on a property, you secure your spot at the agreed-upon price. In contrast, if you give up, you will have no legal recourse to recover this amount.

  • There is always a contract to sign when purchasing real estate. Make sure the property is free of any mortgages or liens before committing to the sale. 

  • Payment must be wired to the seller through a bank. If a dispute arises on the road, having the funds sent through the bank's official channels will serve as evidence in your favor. Finally, after the deed is transferred, you own the house, congratulations!

Price for Property for Sale in Antalya

Finally, let’s talk about how much does an Antalya property cost? Since there are more than 855 luxurious Antalya properties for sale, there are many options available to everyone, whether one is looking for houses or apartments in Antalya property for sale. Vacation homes, flats, penthouses, luxury getaways, lake homes, ski chalets, villas, and a wide variety of other lifestyle options are all included in the listings for properties. 

Antalya apartment for sale on the well-known Konyaalti beach, which starts at roughly $60.000 for a two-bedroom Antalya apartment for sale, makes excellent buy-to-lets and investments. According to professionals, Antalya apartments for sale generates about 6% in annual rental income for those wishing to invest in Antalya.

Further up the coast, three-bedroom family residences on Antalya villa for sale start at over $100,000 - for villas with access to shared pools and private gardens, yet family-friendly Antalya apartment for sale on the Side start at about $50,000. The private and elegant three or four-bedroom Antalya villa for sale in Kemer starts at about $100,000 and goes up from there.

As Belek's property values grow, so does Antalya's golfing reputation. A two-bedroom Antalya apartment for sale is still available for as little as $70,000, while a three or four-bedroom Antalya villa for sale is as little as $110,000. For those looking for the best, luxury Antalya villas for sale can be purchased for more than hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.