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Villa for Sale in Turkey

Suppose you are interested in villas for sale in Turkey Real Estate; well, I have good news for you! Many options are available, ranging from villas on the Turkish Riviera in the south to Istanbul in the northwestern part of the country. Vartur Real Estate can help you purchase a villa for sale in Turkey as a vacation house, permanent residence for relocation, or purely investment.

Price for Villa for Sale in Turkey

Villas for sale in a wide range of sizes and locations are available here at Vartur Real Estate so that you may find the perfect one for you! View all the villas available in a quiet neighborhood away from the city crowd or among all the best restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. It is difficult to provide accurate pricing for villas for sale in Turkey due to the number of variables that can affect it. For instance, how much of a property are you looking to purchase? Which location do you have in mind for your property purchase? Can you describe the ideal amenities for your villa? What amenities can you use that suit your needs in the area surrounding your Turkish villa? In our listing, we usually have luxury villas with floor plans ranging from five bedrooms to seven. Contrarily, the villas for sale listings all have unique selling points, both inside and out. There are two-story, three-story, and four-story villas available, all encircled by a lush garden, and each can be fully furnished (or not) and remodeled to suit your every whim. Not only that but also these homes are located in every region of the country! On our website, you can learn all there is to know about the villas for sale Turkey in any area of any city! Additionally, did you know that Vartur Real Estate operates in the Dubai Real Estate market?

Where to Buy a Villa for Sale in Turkey?


One of the current real estate hotspots is Yalikavak's exclusive yachting resort in Bodrum. In Yalikavak, prices for villas for sale in Bodrum can reach the millions of dollars, especially those with panoramic views of the sea and the marina, as well as some of the more secluded villas that are in smaller traditional villages surrounded by hillsides. When you head down to the southern coastline, you will find excellent Turkish villas for investment.


Another upscale city with Turkish villas set on hillsides around the harbor and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the nearby Islands is Antalya, Kalkan. The majority of these villas are opulent, high-end Turkish villas that provide investors with extremely high rental yields all summer long. Given the region's rising real estate prices, capital growth is a significant boost for regional investors.


Fethiye is a year-round vacation destination, so investors can profit from both long-term rentals and summer vacation short-term rentals, including the more sedate regions of Ovacik and Hisaronu, where the retired community resides year-round. Investors have a great pick of villas for sale in Turkey, of various sizes and shapes, in a range of locations in Fethiye, including the breathtaking Calis Beach or energetic Hisaronu. Additionally, Fethiye villas for sale in Turkey are more affordable per square meter than those in particular other Turkish regions, and they sometimes come with larger amounts of land.


The best region in Turkey to invest in real estate is, without a doubt, Istanbul, a bustling and cultural city. Although they are frequently found in affluent neighborhoods along the Bosporus or breath-taking rural settings far from the bustle of city life, villas in the city come at a premium yet affordable price. For high-end real estate investors expecting a solid high rental return throughout the year, prices can swiftly rise into the millions of dollars! Considering your lifestyle and price range, Vartur Real Estate will help you find your dream villa for sale in Turkey in any region.

Is Buying a Villa for Sale is Good Investment?

All year round, the availability of villas for sale offers a fantastic opportunity to make extra money. The villas' owners can take a holiday whenever they like and earn a lot of money from tourists by renting Turkey villas out. Investing in villas with amenities like indoor pools and heating means you can collect rent all year long, not just during the warmer months. In recent years, these villas have emerged as one of the investment vehicles yielding the highest rates of return. Summer villas for sale are open to more than specific locations in Turkey. From Fethiye to Kalkan villa for sale, you can find these villas waiting for you in stunning settings. Villas offer a unique opportunity for investment success, with substantial potential rental returns for each property. There is plenty of land for sale in Turkey that would be ideal for someone looking to build a custom villa from the ground up, complete with custom furnishings, landscaping, and architectural details. Yes, I do not doubt that you will find the perfect villa in Turkey!