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About Us

About Us

About Vartur Real Estate & Investment


Vartur Real Estate was established in 1987 by Varlı Family with great values and aims.


Our mission and vision is;


To provide the best consultation, service and guidance for our customers while considering our main values such as trustworthiness, integrity, honesty, sincerity, excellence, professionalism and goodness,


To be the most reliable real estate agency for your investments will be made in Turkey and for your new lifestyle,


To tell the luxurious lifestyle of Turkey, various investment opportunities, how is living in Turkey and being a Turkish citizen to the global audience,


To help you to invest in your future by showing our sincerity and professional knowledge.


With 30 years of experience and knowledge coming from the family in real estate market of Turkey, we are providing you professional services for your all kinds of investments and meet your demands on real estate sector for many years as Vartur Team.  Our head office is managed by Şerif Nadi Varlı in Istanbul since 2014 and the Fethiye office is managed by Doğan Varlı. Not only in Istanbul and Fethiye, but we are also providing our services to you at every point of Turkey.


We know that buying a property and making an investment are the most serious lifestyle changes you will ever make. Thus, we offer long-term commitments to our customers and independent, objective, impartial and professional information about the property and the country. 


In Fethiye, Vartur Real Estate Company has 10 agents,


In Istanbul, Vartur Real Estate has a professional team of real estate and investment consulting both working on managing sales offices and selling developer projects, individual seller’s properties.


Why Vartur Real Estate & Investment?


As Vartur Real Estate & Investment, we are in the real estate market for more than 30 years professionally. We are working with individual developers, sellers, sales offices and institutional developers directly. 

Our Professional Knowledge and Experience

As we are in the real estate sector of over 30 years, we offer properties that meet the budget and comfort of our customers in the fastest way with our ever-growing knowledge and experience. By participating in international fairs and trainings around the world periodically, we are getting more and more experienced day by day.


Our lifelong services

We see our customers as friends and from a member of the family, not regarded as money. Just like helping a friend and serving our guest, we offer them the best quality and most objective service. With our experienced Vartur team, we provide professional service to our customers as post and after-sales. At the same time, we provide reliable service to our customers through the contracted law firm in the legal process.


Our Team

We are growing on the same path with our experienced team, which we carefully select and incorporate. We are ready to meet all your demands with our media, editor, sales, service, portfolio departments who know English, Turkish, Persian and German.


Our Portfolio

Thanks to the portfolios that our detail-oriented team regularly adds to its structure by conducting competitive market research, we provide the opportunity to find suitable properties for every budget, from the most affordable property to A + properties without impairing our quality standards and we give the best offer to our customers.


Our location on Real Estate Market

Due to our accumulated experience and our contacts, we take a well-known place in the real estate market of Turkey. We continue to be known in the market thanks to our international fair visits and contacts that we organize regularly. We are also the first real estate agency in Youtube Turkey with vlog style.


Your Privacy

One of our most important principles is the security principle we provide to our customers. As Vartur Real Estate, we never share your personal information with third parties.


Our Integrity

We find you the best and most affordable property according to your budget and demands. Your lifestyle and comfort are very important to us. It is our priority to bring you the property of your dreams.


Our Sincerity

Our sincerity has been verified by our customers. We see our customers as friends and family members. For years, our only aim is to meet our customers with their dream house, lifestyle and the right property they deserve. This is the secret of our success.


Our Reliability

Everything aside, one of the most important points for us is our customers' trust in us. To date, we have gained the trust of more than 1,000 customers and brought them to the home of their dreams at the most affordable prices. We were there with them all the time and proved our reliability. One of the secrets of success is the sense of trust we provide to our customers.


Varlı Family

Varlı Family is living in Fethiye for more than 100 years,

Grand Doğan Nadi Varlı’s father known as Hancı Nadir Varlı (Hotelier Nadir Varlı) was living in Fethiye as a hotelier. His hotel name called Dutluhan was located at today’s Fethiye fish & vegetable market in the centrum until grand Fethiye earthquake in 1957. Varlı family is a well-known family with their trustful and well-educated family members since those years.


The second generation in Fethiye, hotelier Nadir Varlı’s son Shoe seller Doğan Nadi Varlı is known as shoe seller between 1940s to 1990s. Varlı Kundura was his shop and people who lived in Fethiye between those years, all know that Varlı branded shoes are the best in the Fethiye market. Everybody remembers Doğan as a gentle, stylish person who wears different suits every day in Fethiye daily life. 


The third generation in Fethiye, two sons of shoe seller Doğan Nadi Varlı,

Şeref Varlı (1954)

Nadir Nadi Varlı (1962)



Şeref Varlı who is the father of Doğan Varlı and Şerif Nadi Varlı, is graduated (1978) from the best university in Turkey, which is Middle East Technical University (METU), Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer programming. Although he started his business life at the Cimentas Holding as a computer programmer, he decided to follow his grandfather’s job title in Fethiye, being a hotelier. In 1982, he opened his first hotel name called Motel Letoon, in Calis Beach which was one over five hotels in that region. 1986, Hotel Mediteran, Karagozler. 1996, Hotel Sesa Park until 2007.


Beside of 25 years hotelier business, Şeref Varlı established and succeeded in various businesses such as different type of restaurants, tourism agency, rent a car, car dealer for Dacia and Lada brands, ice producing, Turkey wide internet company.


Şeref Varlı is well known for his successful businesses, social life and leadership skills. He is the founder member of Fethiye Rotary Club, three different years presidency of Fethiye Rotary Club. Past president of Fethiye Real Estate association for 5 years.

In all years of the business life of Şeref Varlı, real estate is always in the prime position. His expertise and know-how is the core value of Vartur Real Estate and other 2 companies he is managing director.


Currently, he is a co-founder, managing director and owner of 3 companies;

1- Vartur Real Estate Ltd. Co. (Vartur Ltd. Şti.)

2 - İ Public Co. (İlan İletişim A.Ş.)

3 - Otoforum Car Dealer Co. (Otoforum Ltd. Şti.)


The fourth generation in Fethiye & Istanbul, two sons of Şeref Varlı

Doğan Nadi Varlı (1981)

Şerif Nadi Varlı (1986)



Doğan Nadi Varlı is graduated (2004) from Middle East Technical University (METU) as a civil engineer. Since his university days, his focus was only real estate for foreigners. Doğan and Şerif established Turkey’s first international real estate website and created an office network from Alanya to Istanbul on all the coast of Turkey in 2002. With this website, more than 1000 clients in Turkey made their decision on buying and finding the right source give their decisions. This real estate website is followed by other 30 sub-websites which are about Real Estate, Turkey News, Worldwide Real Estate Networking and so on. Lastly, in 2012, he developed and managed Turkey’s 3rd biggest classified portal with the generic name of ‘’ 


Today Doğan is the leader of Vartur businesses in Fethiye. Broker of Century 21 Lykia with 10 agents, mentoring and lastly, since 2017 there is a new era for Varli family, Doğan is the advisory and partner to the good farming and dried fruits factory companies with 20 expat partners. (Balsam and Balagro)


Şerif Nadi Varlı is graduated (2010) from Middle East Technical University (METU) and State University of New York, Binghamton University from business administration. Since high school years, Şerif is following his brothers and fathers way of doing business. His father’s and brother’s know-how and expertise on real estate and trading added value of his management study in both in Turkey and New York.


Since 2014, Şerif is the leader of Vartur Real Estate, Istanbul Branch with managing sales offices of developers, being the consultant for marketing to the construction companies and also being advisors of 100s of foreign investors to Turkey.