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Villa for Sale in Bodrum

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Bodrum Villa for Sale

Bodrum is incredibly diverse. If you enjoy sailing and boating, a Bodrum villa for sale gives you access to three magnificent marinas as well as some of the most beautiful sailing routes in the Mediterranean. No matter where a Bodrum villa for sale is located on the peninsula, you may find some of the most peaceful coves and historic locations within a 15-minute drive, where time seems to have stopped for hundreds of years. One of the best examples of this is the Gumusluk heritage zone, with access to Rabbit Island with its tiny fishermen's harbor. After spending all day by the sea, you can enjoy a candlelit meal at the lively marina yacht club in Bodrum while listening to live music that ranges from current hits to jazz classics.

Bodrum homes have beautiful sea views and are built with typical Aegean architecture. In this region, natural materials like marble and Bodrum stone are preferred by architects when building Bodrum villa for sale. Bodrum villas for sale typically have a bright, whitewashed appearance. Most of the villas for sale in Bodrum have beautiful views of the sea because they are higher up. According to building codes, Bodrum homes can only be two stories high, so if a Bodrum villa for sale has a view, it will continue to have one.

Where to Invest in Villa in Bodrum?

  1. Yalikavak

The arrival of foreign investors has led to a rise in the local real estate market. One of the areas in Bodrum where villa prices have risen the highest in recent years is Yalikavak. Yalikavak stands head and shoulders above other urban centers due to its beautiful bays, high-end hotels and cafes, marinas, entertainment venues, and shopping districts.

  1. Gumusluk

Gumusluk is a popular tourist destination due to its peaceful atmosphere and proximity to many interesting locations, including Rabbit Island and many beautiful bays. The retirement communities around the bay are the area's main draw.

  1. Turgutreis

Bodrum's most stunning sunsets may be seen from the town of Turgutreis. As one of the most popular places for tourists to visit in Bodrum, Turgutreis has some of the city's highest prices for summer homes.

  1. Bitez

Bitez, a lengthy stretch of sandy beach before you reach Gumbet, is a popular destination thanks to its pristine waters and coastline. Fruit trees, restaurants, cafes, and surf schools are some of the reasons families with kids visit this town. Also, surfers will find this area to be quite pleasant.

Price for Villa for Sale in Bodrum

Prices for a three-bedroom Bodrum villa for sale with a private pool in Bodrum Town, Yalikavak, Turkbuku, or Gumusluk start at about $180,000 and go up to a few million dollars for the most luxurious villas with large, private lots for people who want more privacy.

More affordable Bodrum villas are for sale, starting at about $80,000. Most of the time, these are part of larger complexes with shared gardens, swimming pools, and playgrounds.

In the hills of Gumusluk, three- to four-bedroom Bodrum villa for sale in small to medium-sized complexes with common amenities like cafes, fitness centers, and swimming pools start from $120,000 and go up to $500,000 in more upscale places like Yalikavak, Turkbuku, and Bodrum Town. The majority of these also feature private pools. For between $200,000 and $350,000, you can buy a beautiful, secluded Bodrum villa in Yalikavak with its own pool.

The most affordable beachfront and seafront Bodrum villa for sale start at about $500,000 and go up to $10 million for the most luxurious ones with private beach access and mooring.

Depending on the size, location, and land area, Bodrum villas for sale in the hills of Yalikavak and Turkbuku often cost between $1 million and $4 million.

Is Buying Bodrum Villa a Good Investment?

The owners of Bodrum villas for sale have a good chance of renting them out during the long summer season, and those owners may make an annual average profit of 7% if they rent out their properties during this time. Due to Bodrum’s appeal to both wealthy international expats and wealthy Turks wishing to acquire a Bodrum property for rent within short flight durations to Istanbul and other business centers, the price of a Bodrum villa for sale is also increasing year over year.

The real estate market in Bodrum is in a transition period, which means that there is a broad selection of available properties, and you can buy your dream home for a meager price. Thanks to the city's rapid expansion, real estate investments made today will yield a healthy return in a brief period of time. Bodrum also offers a wealth of fantastic tourist attractions.

Is It Safe to Buy Villa in Bodrum?

If you ask me what the safest thing to do in Bodrum is, I'd say investing in a villa is the safest thing to do in Bodrum. In recent years, Turkey has become more interesting to investors, especially those in the real estate market. This is because the country's infrastructure for tourism has grown a lot and its economy has overgrown. The purchase of residential or commercial property in Turkey has been a popular investment for many people. In Turkey, not all regions are at the same growth stage, which is good news for anyone looking to invest in real estate in this Mediterranean nation. That means certain places, like Istanbul, have a robust and competitive real estate market, while others are still in the early stages of what promises to be a booming market. 

Can Foreigners Buy Villa in Bodrum?

In Turkey real estate sales to foreigners increased by 26.9 percent in the first ten months of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. June 2022 set a new record for home sales to foreigners, and the first half of 2022 broke the previous record for the same period. So this means that people from other countries CAN buy villas in Bodrum! However, before you make any plans, you should check the website of the Turkish embassy in your country to see if you are subject to any limitations. In our office in Vadi Istanbul, you can enjoy a Turkish coffee and talk with us, the energetic team of Vartur. So you will be able to find all of the information you seek.