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Villa for Sale in Kemer

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Kemer Villa for Sale

The town of Kemer serves as a popular vacation destination, and its tranquility makes it a great place for individuals who want to retire peacefully or buy a Kemer villa for sale just to spend the holidays there. Despite the abundance of recreational and natural areas, it is an ideal town to spend free time in because there are no signs of the people and traffic that come with living in large cities. 

Where to Invest in Kemer Villa for Sale?

In the event that you decide to buy a Kemer villa for sale as a safe investment, you should know that you are on the right track, as many real estate experts think that the prices of Kemer villa for sale will continue to rise over the next few years. 

After you purchase a Kemer villa for sale and rent it out, you will receive your entire investment back in 4 years, though this period will be shortened if the real estate market continuously expands at the same rate. 

While the majority of Kemer's regions are seaside, finding a Kemer villa for sale with a beach view is unlikely. Because coastal land for sale in Kemer are mainly home to many hotels, guesthouses, and eateries designed for tourists; as a result, the majority of the Kemer villa for sale has mountain and forest views. Even if Kemer houses for sale do not have a sea view, they are only a short distance from the sea. For example, the distance between the closest Kemer villa for sale and the beach is about 500 meters.


The Beldibi region of Kemer is one of the city's most picturesque areas, and it's a popular tourist destination because of its convenient location and the enormous amount of recreational opportunities. Beldibi is the closest neighborhood to the beautiful houses in Antalya and has easy access to the amenities of Antalya; in fact, Beldibi is almost an extension of Antalya itself. From this point of view, some shortcomings become less important, such as Kemer's calmness and its limitations in entertainment options.

Regarding your investment in Kemer property for sale, you can rest assured that your investment in a villa for sale in Kemer Beldibi will pay off handsomely. 

High-end hotels primarily take up Beldibi's coastline; nevertheless, the town of Beldibi now features numerous Kemer villas for sale of the highest quality. Most of the villas for sale in Kemer built in the Beldibi region have a beautiful view of the forest and mountains and are built with high-quality materials. Detached villas for sale in Kemer are trendy in this area, and most of the Kemer villas for sale have a private pool, air conditioning system, magnificent private garden, security cameras, and parking spots for your car. Do you know what the flagship is? New Kemer villas for sale have home automation systems that will help you in every way you can and are less harmful to the ecosystem.


Arslanbucak is a fantastic area in which to purchase a villa in Kemer for sale. Because of its central location within Kemer, residents here have quick and easy access to all the city has to offer. Arslanbucak is in Kemer's mountainous region, and because it is not on the coastline, Kemer villas for sale there are more reasonably priced than in other parts of Kemer. Buying a Kemer villa in Arslanbucak is a 30-minute walk from the stunning beach.


Beycik is a mountainous region of Kemer, and it does not have a beach. Therefore, Kemer homes for sale in Kemer are more reasonably priced than those near the beach. The quality of life in Beycik is unrivaled. 

Despite the absence of a beach and its distance from other localities, there are a variety of hotels and bed and breakfasts available for visitors. At the end of the day, Beycik has excellent tourism conditions. Beycik's natural mountain scenery is very attractive, and if you buy a Kemer house in Beycik, you'll enjoy a serene and unhurried lifestyle. 

Kemer Center

Kemer is a bustling neighborhood, and the city's positive energy is evident all year. Hence, it is not surprising that the area is a popular tourist destination because there are so many things to do, including sailing, jeep safaris, scuba diving, boat tours, nightclubs, traditional Turkish restaurants, water parks, and more!

Kemer Center features entertainment, medical, and educational establishments, giving its residents all they could want from a modern metropolis. Kemer's villa inventory is incredibly diverse. On the secondary market, you can find some older Kemer villas for sale at a discount that are already set up. You can choose from beach villas, villas in villa projects, or second-rate villas while looking for a home in the heart of Kemer city.

Price for Villa for Sale in Kemer

Even though Kemer is known as a place for vacations and isn't as advanced as many big cities, it's not so cheap to buy a Kemer villa for sale. The price of a Kemer villa for sale is especially high in places like Beldibi and Kemer Center, which are known for being on the coast. 

Can Foreigners Buy Villa in Kemer?

Kemer villas for sale are available for foreigners. Investing a certain amount of money in the Turkey real estate market actually grants you the opportunity to apply for Turkish citizenship. If you purchase a Kemer villa for sale that reaches $75,000, you will be granted temporary Turkish residency. Also, if the price of a Kemer villa for sale is at least $400,000, you can apply for Turkish citizenship. With the rising cost of purchasing Kemer houses for sale, the town will grow more advanced and expensive in the following years. Remember that this will be to your benefit in the future.

Is Buying Villa in Kemer a Good Investment?

Agriculture and taking care of animals used to be the main jobs of the people of Kemer. However, as tourism in this city grew, many farmlands were turned into villas, Kemer hotels for sale, houses for sale in Kemer, and other tourist facilities. 

The beauty of Tahtali Mountain has been drawing more and more people who want to purchase Kemer homes for sale in recent years. Not only can you party all night and relax on the beach during the day, but you can also climb this beautiful mountain. If you don't want to climb the mountain, you can always enjoy its beauty from the comfort of your Kemer home for sale. As a result, Kemer no longer has a lot of empty Kemer land. Considering the things mentioned above, it is useful to say that buying a villa in Kemer will always be a good investment with the help of an experienced Turkish real estate agent.