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Best Penthouse of Istanbul with breathtaking Bosphorus View

  Spine Tower

8.500.000 $

Ref. Code #2628
  • Listing Date:

  • 4 Bedroom
  • 5 Bathrooms
  • Watch

First, you meet is the little entrance of the house found the toilet right. But when you go straight and open this door you will see an amazing living room, so big, so spacious and has a beautiful Bosphorus view. Look at that view! Even seeing the curling of the Bosphorus is possible going to the Black Sea. Due to being covered with glasses and oval, the building offers you a panoramic Bosphorus view which means you can enjoy the view from every room, even from the bathroom. And the height of the ceiling is 5 meters from the ground! All rooms also offer you a smart home system and you may use these intercom systems for all of your purposes like calling a waiter, concierge services and more. Also equipped with the latest sound isolation. No noise can get into here, even rainy days. Enjoy your peaceful and spacious house with its spacious Bosphorus view.

First right from the left corridor is a dressing room and at the end of the corridor, we see a wonderful master bedroom with a couch for watching the view awaits us! You may sit here or lay on the bed to relax and enjoy the comfort. Look at the classic the depth and the design of shelves with a mirror.

Right after the door opening with a card system, there are two parking areas at P1 for you also two more one floor down. You can fill these places with your recent model car collection you can arrive at your apartment directly from the parking area with a VIP Lift that needs one of high technology security such as eye or footprints scanning, card or more. These lifts are just for residents, commercial areas can not be allowed to use them.

Why This Property?
  • Completely amazing apartment
  • Amazing location
  • Amazing amenities
  • Amazing design
  • Tough structure
  • High profile administration
  • Close to historical peninsula
  • Highly affluent customer base and more.
  • Amazing price also, just $8.000.000 !
  • Quite a bargain
  • Quite cheap.
  • You won't buy only a flat, also buy prestigious with it.

Property Features
24/7 Security
Interior Features
Heated Floor
Intercom System
Air Conditioning
Double Sink
Central Heating System
Parent's Bathroom
Sound Insulation
High Ceiling
Study Room
Spot Lights
Coat Room
Shower Cabin
Exterior Features
Fire Excape
Suitable for disable
Entry wiht Card System
Double Lift
Water Tank
Earthquake Proof
Smart Home System
Security Cameras
Fiber Optic Internet Network
Digital Satellite System
Project Amenities
Hair Dresser
Restaurant / Cafe
Fitness Center
Parking Area
Meeting Room
Yoga, Plates Room
Location Amenities
Close to Bridges
Forest View
Close to Historical Peninsula
Near University
Near Business Center
Close to Shopping Mall
Close to Istanbul Airport
Central Location
Near Metro

Vartur Real Estate Istanbul
Vartur Real Estate Istanbul
Agent:Şerif Nadi VARLI
Work Mobile:  +90 212 803 01 05
WhatsApp:  +90 212 803 01 05