Property for Sale in Esenler

Extending from Bagcilar to Bayrampasa on the Western side of Istanbul, Esenler is one of the most rapidly developing districts, especially for young families, working-class, and younger generation. This is a densely populated suburb of the European side and draws attention with its easy transportation, proximity to touristic spots and industrial centers.

Esenler is also close to the industrial areas so that the area draws the attention of the working-class as a rental opportunity. Therefore, it is a suitable place for finding a tenant who works around the industrial zones. Any person working at Bayrampasa, Bagcilar, Bakirkoy, or Gaziosmanpasa can settle in the town.

On the other hand, it is amazing to see the fastest-growing neighbourhoods around due to renovation at the buildings. Day by day, apartments are renovated, new projects are rising and newly-opened metro lines draw more and more people here.

Apartments and Villas for Sale in Esenler

Since Esenler is one of the most populated towns in Istanbul, it offers you a great amenity to invest in Istanbul. The town is located around the city center so that reaching any significant spot takes less than 20 minutes. In this way, Esenler projects in Istanbul are not only providing bargain purchase prices, but they are also considered as growing value to get great profits for sale and rental income as well.

The texture of Esenler

In the Ottoman times this area, well outside the city walls, was populated by Greek farmers. During the 1923 population exchange between Greece and Turkey, the area was settled by Turks from Macedonia. It was part of the Bakirkoy district till 1992.

The region is densely settled. The majority of the population consists of working-class residents amid its industrial neighboring districts of Gaziosmanpasa, Gungoren, and Bagcilar. Thanks to the public vehicles, the ever-growing population of young urban professionals further enhance the dynamism of the streets which are full of excellent cafes, bakeries, restaurants, and small shops.

Nature in Esenler

Esenler is home to the largest parks around. Esenler Regional Park includes two football fields in the park, one of which was built by the demolition of the basketball court in 2019. 15 July National Garden is another park located in the Esenler district of Istanbul. The Park was built as of July 15 Martyrs Park in 2017, based on the decision to move the barracks out of the city.

Transportation in Esenler

The region is in the heart of the city and offers a dynamic lifestyle right in the middle of Istanbul. As well as offering easy proximity to the touristic and attractive spots of the city such as Sultanahmet and Bakirkoy, the region is also providing a constantly developing urban settlement model. Esenler has the largest intercity bus terminal on the European side.

Esenler is connected to the Thrace Highway and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge by a side road. The Great Istanbul Bus Station, located in the northeast, and the metro route is connected to the 02 (E-6) highway. This connects to the Old London Asphalt and E-5 highway. Due to this location, Esenler is on a complete transportation axis. It is possible to reach Yavuz Selim Bridge, July 15 Martyrs Bridge, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, and Istanbul center in a short time.

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