Meydan Yakuplu

About Meydan Yakuplu 

Designed in accordance with the motto “Customer satisfaction is our priority”, the project was established on an area of 20,428 sqm. Standing out with its landscape that covers 3,500 sqm, the project complies with earthquake regulations, and it was constructed with materials of the highest standards. 

Planned in consideration of the right of each individual to purchase a home, Meydan Yakuplu offers convenient payment options for its 89 apartments. Technological innovations meet architecture that is ahead of its time, Meydan Yakuplu offers a spectacular view in all its elegance. 

Your dream of living in a warm and cozy home is now coming true. A home where you can create pleasant memories awaits you at Meydan Yakuplu. Do yourself a favor, open the doors to the project, discover the endless opportunities, indulge in the distinguished lifestyle designed to make you feel special… 

Take advantage of the privileges available at Meydan Yakuplu. Offering a wide variety of decoration opportunities with its wide house concept, the project grants you the home of your dreams. Appealing to all, Meydan Yakuplu stands out with its practical kitchen design. 

In Meydan Yakuplu, you will be immersed in culture and art. Situated right next to the neighboring Yakuplu Culture Center, Meydan Yakuplu offers a culture and art extravaganza. The cinema and theater halls, concerts, and social workshops give you easy access to a wide selection of elegant events. 

The district bazaar is at your doorstep. 28 different shops, including markets, bakeries, cafes, hairdressers, butchers, and greengrocers are eagerly waiting for you to visit. The district bazaar that is set up on the ground floor of Yakuplu Cultural Center offers easy access to a plethora of organic fruits and vegetables, bringing you one step closer to a healthy lifestyle. 

Parking is not a problem anymore in Meydan Yakuplu. Committed to adding value to your everyday life, the project provides you with the comfort of your own parking space and an allocated especially for you that takes you directly to your warm home from the parking lot. 

Opening the doors to a healthy life with its indoor swimming pool and sports complexes, Meydan Yakuplu lays out for you a number of social activities that you previously couldn’t squeeze into your schedule. The project also contributes to the personal development of children through the workshops and fun activities held at the Yakuplu Cultural Center. 

Social Facilities 

Swimming pool 

Car park 



Concert hall 

Social ateliers 

Sports areas

Technology at Meydan Yakuplu

Built-in kitchen appliances 


Double-glazing windows


Heat and sound insulation

Satellite system 


Water tank

Smart home

Security at Meydan Yakuplu

24/7 security service

CCTV surveillance system 

Professional security personnel

Fire alarm 


4 mins away from Safa Hospital 

4 mins away from International Birinci Hospital 

7 mins away from Medicana Hospital 

8 mins away from Marmara Park Mall 

10 mins away from Torium Mall 

10 mins away from TUYAP Congress Hall 

10 mins away from Yakuplu Marina 

12 mins away from Perlavista Mall 

43 mins away from Istanbul New Airport


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