Property for Sale in Akatlar

Akatlar, located in the borders of Besiktas, is situated between the sub-cities of Levent and Etiler. The town, which is commonly seen as a site type settlement, takes a step forward with newly-structured buildings in Besiktas. Thus, people who like a central-based living style in addition to either restored architectural approach or brand new building with experienced site management prefer to live in the town where you can reach the Bosphorus with a 5-minute short drive. As you can reach plenty of top-rated regions within walking distance, high profile places in close range are quite accessible through the subway line passing by the town. In parallel with it, Akatlar, which has already been established by proper management, regeneration projects, transportation networks and so on, is preferred mostly by people who want to live in an upscale place of Istanbul in every sense.


Apartments and Villas for Sale in Akatlar


Despite being located in the city centre, Akatlar offers unique opportunities such as duplex and triplex villas besides brand new Bosphorus view apartments within the town. In the place same as Istanbul that hosts a 20-million population, a villa-oriented living style is scarcely seen in the city center. That’s why Akatlar plays a blessing role to make you experience a deluxe life in a full privacy detached villa.


The Texture of the Town


Beside Akatlar is one of the most decent and peaceful towns of Istanbul, it shines with the proximity to the central towns and the Bosphorus at the same time. On the other hand, you can access numerous regions by transportation links in 10 minutes and also closeness to some of them at high on foot while the Bosphorus awaits you in 5 minutes away from the town. Under these aspects, Akatlar creates a striking point to live, enjoy, and peace.

What’s more, Akatlar, which is close to the pioneer shopping malls called ‘’Akmerkez’’ and also the most elite ones throughout the country, is a suitable place for family-living style. Even if you don’t move to a full-facility complex, you can grow your children up as luxury projects’ amenities thanks to the municipality-made social facilities spreading over the town. With its comfortable and peaceful life, Akatlar entirely reminds most people of living in a summerhouse. Together with hosting the cultural centre inside the town, Akatlar witnesses a wide range of regeneration projects so that both restored buildings and nostalgic types are seen in common due to being a rooted town in the city.


Nature in Akatlar


Nature in Akatlar is based on plenty of parks including children’s playgrounds in each. As an advantage of rare settlement instead of being covered with adjacent buildings and dense population, Akatlar brings tons of green to your life even when you just go outside to fulfill your daily needs.


Transportation in Akatlar


Akatlar introduces bus and underground networks to reach you any place. Additionally, as you can use the subway line to travel in Besiktas, bus routes are designed for carrying you all over the city, especially high-end regions raised around Akatlar.

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