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Newly Built 3 Bedroom Apartment with Rich Amenities


255.000 $

Ref. Code #67842
  • Listing Date:

  • 3 Bedroom
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 170 Square Meter

Ayazma Region is one of the important development centers of the city, which is located within the borders of Başakşehir District in the west of Istanbul. The TEM highway passes from the north, and the E5 Highway, which is also one of the main transportation backbones of the city, passes from the south. On the western border, on the north-south axis, there is the Basın Ekspres Road. It will be implemented in the area between Atatürk Olympic Village in the west and İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone in the east. The valley, which extends to Küçükçekmece Lake along the north-south axis, is a strong topographic threshold for both the project area and the interaction area of the project.
The Ayazma project, as a residential complex, promises to give its users the neighborly relations we long for. Terraces, where common use and privatization will coexist in high blocks, also allow the continuation of the green on the upper levels. Indoor and outdoor sports fields, cafes, children's playgrounds and activity areas will be both an escape from the intense pace of urban life and meeting places where they will come together. Most importantly, this setup will define a sense of belonging for the users of the campus.
The building blocks that are fragmented by squares, streets, courtyards and parks, the green floors created at different levels, its structural features and the relationship it establishes with its surroundings differentiate it from its peers. This project responds to the city not with deaf walls, but with spaces that are directly related to it from the ground up.
In the campus, the landscaping continues in the middle and attic floors of the buildings, as well as between the blocks and courtyards. Thus, while the common areas are moved inside the building, the natural air-conditioning effect of water and trees is also utilized.
While the high-rise residential blocks located on the peripheries of the land close to the rapid flow of the city are shaped by the program and shell that will respond to this flow, the residential blocks located behind the road, oriented towards the valley in accordance with the natural topography of the land, with their low-rise, traditional architecture and gradual green courtyards, are a calm and pleasant living space. creates.
With stepped streets and courtyards, wide pedestrian sidewalks, bicycle paths and uninterrupted pedestrian connections within the island, users' access to all directions is multi-layered. Access to all building blocks has been made possible with internal access roads that are compatible with the topography. There are parking lot entrances associated with the road from all over the building block. Parking lots have been resolved as open and closed. Pedestrian movement was liberated by foreseeing controlled vehicle transportation within the campus.
 Social areas, which are partially solved under the ground by taking advantage of the slope, aim to meet the social and sportive needs of the campus and to be a common activity area and meeting point. Spaces enriching life have been created with indoor pool, fitness, sports fields, children's playgrounds.

  • Valuable Location 
  • Decent Neighborhood 
  • Profitable Investment 
  • High Rental Income 
  • Open View

Property Features
24/7 Security
Cafe / Restaurant
Interior Features
Intercom System
Air Conditioning
Central Heating System
Parent's Bathroom
Sound Insulation
Laminant Parquet
Exterior Features
Fire Excape
Suitable for disable
Double Lift
Water Tank
Earthquake Proof
Security Cameras
Fiber Optic Internet Network
Digital Satellite System
Project Amenities
Parking Area
Children Playground
Location Amenities
Close to Hospital
Close to Shopping Mall
Close to Istanbul Airport
Near Metro