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Exclusive 1+1 Residence with High Rental Income in Beşiktaş

Leos Residence

502.000 $

Ref. Code #69400
  • Listing Date:

  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Bathroom
  • 72 Square Meter


Besiktas is one of the oldest districts and neighbourhoods of Istanbul, located on the European side of the city. It's also considered as one of the city centres, both residential and commercial especially for small businesses. At the same time, besides having a major public bus and dolmus terminal, Besiktas is also one of the sea hubs on the Bosphorus from which boats depart for various neighbourhoods on the shores of the Asian side.

About the Property

The Leos Residence is aimed to combine your home comfort with the luxury service apartment concept at the very hearth of Istanbul. This residence is suitable for Airbnb, renting monthly. The apartments of The Leos Residence have been designed in 3 distinct styles as Natural, Retro and Grunge inspired by the idea to support our customers individuality by offering them different interior decoration options emphasising spacious and comfortable living spaces.

Natural: The colors used in light and pastel tones were equipped with the idea of ​​preferring the natural ones instead of the artificial ones made by human hands. The most natural tones of wood are combined with the natural softness of fabrics to create a calm and bright style that serves our inner peace.

Retro: It was designed with a fun interior design that connects with today's and future modernism by considering the color and geometric patterns of the 60s and 70s.

Grunge: The contrast of bright and matte colors with dark colors brought along the perfect harmony. glass-mirror; leather velvet fabric; metal and dark colored natural marble combinations are soft-hard under an assertive and charismatic atmosphere; You will be amazed by the harmony of contrasts highlighted as hot-cold and bright shades.

The apartment makes a difference with the facilities of a modern residence building and stylish design details. The materials in the living room, bedrooms, kitchen provide both practical use and a stylish appearance. The lighting, windows and color intensity of the house provide a spacious look. In addition to the impressive features of the apartment, many advantages of it such as a parking area, camera system and elevator add value to your life. It has a generator, water tank and hydrophore. The bathrooms have the necessary fittings and fixtures installed and a gorgeous walk-in shower filled with stunning modern floor and wall tiling. Thanks to its location in the heart of the city, it has easy access to malls,hospitals, green areas, schools and all amenities. 


24/7 Security

Air conditioning


Fire alarm


Guest room


hobby room



Car park




Smart House


Turkish bath

TV Cable




Cevahir Mall 1.3 km

Zorlu Center Mall 1.4 Km

Trump Mall 1.3 Km

Gayrettepe Florence Nightingale Hastanesi 0,21 km

Vartur Real Estate Istanbul
Agent:Şerif Nadi VARLI
Mobile:  (90) 5322428442