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How much is a villa in Turkey?

How much is a villa in Turkey?

Villas in Istanbul

Istanbul Villas, constructed with a modern style, earthquake resistant and effective in many respects, are scattered to various districts of Istanbul. Some are located a distance from the city, while others remain in a position that is intertwined with the city. Generally, each villa has its own air, feature, technology, interior and exterior design. In which districts the villa is concentrated in Istanbul, new developing places and regions where many areas are evaluated can be mentioned. While researching Villas in Istanbul, we took advantage of the property portfolio of our agency, where you can compare villas in different regions and other opportunities.

Especially recently, Beykoz is among the districts where the increase in investment in villas has seen the most. After that, there are many villa-dominated sites in Beykoz. Equipping each villa with the latest technological facilities and building it with the necessary thermal insulation and sound insulation mechanisms further increase the value of the villas over Istanbul. In addition, Beykoz, which is very popular among celebrities, will give you peace of mind with its privacy and cutting-edge security systems. Prepare yourself for elite site life.

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Zekeriyaköy is the region where another popular villa district, built on modern buildings, inspired by the best designs, is increased. In this region, a wide variety of villas have a structure that is important in terms of special views, structure, property and value of the region. Zekeriyaköy district, preferred by elite people, will give you the peace and best quality to live in Istanbul. Zekeriyaköy, which is divided into many regions, offers quality and unique life to you.

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Büyükçekmece is also known among the villa districts developing in Istanbul. Many villa types are also noticeable in Büyükçekmece, one of the important financial and investment centres of Istanbul. This region, which is profitable for investment, will be an indispensable lifestyle for you due to both taking you from the stress of daily life and providing transportation opportunities.

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In addition, Başakşehir district constitutes areas where villas are frequently seen. Başakşehir has increased its real estate index by 20% especially in the last 1 year. The eyes of many investors are on the lands of Başakşehir and Başakşehir has now found its place among the frequently preferred districts.

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Istanbul Neighborhood Combining Nature with Luxury: Tarabya
Tarabya, one of the most luxurious districts of Istanbul, is located in the middle of virgin nature with its giant plane tree, marina, boats on the beach and the Huber Mansion.

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Kilyos, which has the cleanest sea and beaches near Istanbul, is about 30 km from Istanbul on the European side. It is located on the Black Sea coast. Kilyos, which is reached by passing through the Belgrad Forests, is flooded by holidaymakers especially in the summer months, but you can experience both the city life and the holiday life in your private and secured villa in Kilyos.

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Emirgan is a peaceful location that gives local people high standards of living. You can reach anywhere you want approximately in 15-30 minutes. In those spacious villas with table-land in the elite Emirgan neighbourhood of Istanbul gives you a priceless landscape and 5 minutes away from access to Emirgan Park and Kirecburnu Seaside. The old town is
near the Bosphorus, lined with both old and new mansions throughout the
seaside. Even if you don’t live in Emirgan, you can fulfil with pleasure by going
there just to see breathtaking architecture and history. The place, which is far
from the chaos in the city is covered with nature around.

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Beylikduzu, which most leading projects are located, close to the city's financial centres, various shopping malls and this region of Beylikduzu provides you with a purely natural life with the combination of blue and green. A fascinating sea view welcomes you in those villas.

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In many districts like these, investors can make real estate purchases. The prices of each villa vary according to their features and locations. The designs, locations, transportation opportunities, neighbourhood qualities and various other features vary in the prices of the villas. In general, each of the villas has an eye-catching speciality in its own location and the newly built villas are built in accordance with all modern conditions and technological features of today.

General Features of the Villas in Istanbul

The features of the villas are unique. While many of them reflect the values that remained from the past, many of them are used with a form suitable for today. These features vary from region to region. In the general features of the villas;
  • There is no apartment system and the neighbourhood relations are further developed.
  • Each of them has site management.
  • Having pets and having a hobby like gardening is easier in villa life.
  • It is perfect to have a garden, to have a more spacious day, to plant various plants and trees and to relieve the tiredness of the day.
  • Some villas have pools in their systems and have an important visual in the large landscape. A quiet dinner can also be enjoyed at the tables set up under a tent.
  • Villas in Istanbul also have various features such as the best heating systems, air conditioners, smart home technologies, garages, stone houses, thermal insulation and sound insulation, security systems.
  • Prices are very affordable and profitable compared to villas in other European countries.
  • You can find suitable or expensive villas in every region of Istanbul.
  • Not only Istanbul, but you can also find affordable and luxurious villas in every corner of Turkey.

For Villas in Istanbul and in each city of Turkey, you can check our website and you can call us.
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