Feel the history in your blood from the Ottoman Era, especially from the period of Kanuni Sultan Suleyman and Mimar Sinan, one of the best architectures worldwide in his time. 

Life in Büyükçekmece
Living here is unique by the combination of nature and history. Here is one of the oldest towns since the Ottoman Era. Kanuni the Magnificent contributed to growing the town, get Mimar Sinan, who was a master of architecture in technique, build aqueducts near Buyukcekmece Lake, one of the biggest lake of two, charities, made by Kanuni to Zigetvar where died also during his last campaign, and Kanuni the Magnificent Bridge, called ‘’ masterpiece’’ by the Sultan. Another historical and architectural beauty, worth to see in the town is Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Mosque, constructed in 1567. Its beauty comes from the process of construction engineering, made by Mimar Sinan again. The mosque includes a minaret, carved from a whole one piece of a stone block, also rarely seen tech worldwide, maybe not even another sample. Besides its gorgeous history, the town is hosted one of the most expos in the city, named TUYAP. At certain times in a year, people rush this expo to attend fairs about different subjects. 

The location is also privileged by having a lake inside. If your location in the corner
of all, you may witness an amazing view of lake, sea, history, and nature. 

Transportation in Büyükçekmece   
It offers easy access to almost all transportation links. Reaching the place by bus, metro, minibus, and Marmaray is available and will be better in the future. Lakes area is the next center in the city.
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