The town has one of the best Bosphorus views. It is known as ‘’the pearl of Istanbul’’. Its history based on the Roman Empire but the place was generally sought-after location for Pashas and Sultans who came here for hunting. Beykoz was famous for its nature even in those times. That’s why it includes numerous historical buildings, which were made by Sultans and many authentic mansions are found in the town that belonged to them once upon a time. Blue and green are hand in hand. Here offers you peace besides high standard life and posh amenities. Beykoz is the best place where you will live on the Asian side. Due to being found at the intersection of the Black Sea and the Bosphorus, Beykoz has two climates which are the Black Sea and Mediterranean climates meaning that you can face both sunny and hot or rainy and windy days. In any case, the town is worth it to live by all means. So, let’s see what kind of amenities await us.
Firstly, you should visit Anatolian Fort because here is the most historical place at Beykoz. The fort was built for controlling the Black Sea to any reinforcement possibility coming from Balkans during the siege of Constantinople, by the command of Mehmet the Conquerer. The building made shock the allies of Constantinople is a beautiful location for enjoying the Bosphorus view nowadays. Also, found near the bridge and offers you an enormous Istanbul view.
On the other hand, there are many luxury and well-designed restaurants and cafes near the Bosphorus. You can sip your beverage and eat delicious Turkish foods while watching the breath-taking Bosphorus view. There are also bargain places for all people.
Another unique location and architectural beauty, you can eat dinner presented well or immortalize your wedding photos at Hidiv Kasrı. Here is a huge mansion in the middle of the green, near the sea. Another precious building in Beykoz.
Besides, if you think as if ‘’ I want to buy a vacation place but it should be close to the city at the same time. I may go for holidays or a few days and the place should be covered with nature and clear water that I can swim and sunbathing.’’ You are an absolutely true address! Here have a calm environment, posh amenities and even a river crawling right near the town. You can lay down on the long beaches of Riva and clear your mind.   
The offerings of nature at Beykoz are not limited to it, another part of it named ‘’Polonezkoy’’ is another paradise in nature. People come here to enjoy the green, breakfast and the town is suitable for activities that required vast lands such as paintball. Also, a national park is found in the town. At this place hugging nature, you can take riding lessons, having breakfast in the middle of the green and organizing your wedding. The town is covered with villas and villages that are populated by Polish people. Polish culture is basic here, even a festival made by Polish people held in here because they are the local people of the town. After the defeat against Russians, Polish survivors settled this location as a refugee by the command of Abdulhamid Sultan and became the Ottoman citizens and continues their life nowadays. That’s why the name of the town is a combination of ‘’Polish’’ and ‘’Village’’ combined as ‘’Polonezkoy’’. Here will be a point that you meet the natural experience at the top.
Additionally, you can taste the yogurt of Kanlıca which has a different taste than a normal one. After sightseeing in the town, the fresh air makes you hungry. Besides tasting yogurt, you can have breakfast or take a walk in Mihribat Grove. 
Beykoz is a place where the town is famous for eatery places. Around Deniz Feneri, you can eat delicious sea foods near the sea.
Historical buildings in Beykoz are innumerable. Kucuksu Kasrı is another sought-after place that late time Sultans visit. This entrancing architecture is also found near the Bosphorus. Sultans know how to enjoy life, doesn’t it?
Finally, our last destination at Beykoz is the Peak of Holiness Yusha. Yusha was buried here but the tomb has 17 meters length due to not being known exactly where his grave was              

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