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Does Turkey have a strong military forces?

Does Turkey have a strong military forces?

TAF, has been established the Republic of Turkey to protect it from any external threat, with 675 thousand active personnel, according to the latest data; It is one of the strongest armies in the world, consisting of 5 main components: Land Forces, Navy, Air Force, Gendarmerie and Coast Guard.

Presidency of General Staff
It is the organization located at the top of the TAF structure. At the head of this unit, commanded by high-ranking officers from all forces, the Chief of General Staff, who is considered to be the commander of all forces and elected from the military officers in general, takes the lead. The Chief of General Staff fulfills the post of commander-in-chief on behalf of the President. It is constitutionally affiliated and responsible to the Prime Minister.

Land Forces Command

It is known as the 5th largest land army in the world in terms of numbers. The Commander of the Land Forces is the commander of the entire force, and his rank is of general. Under this structuring; There are four armies: the 1st Army stationed in Istanbul, the 2nd Army stationed in Malatya, the 3rd Army stationed in Erzincan and the Aegean Army stationed in Izmir. Depending on these armies, there are 14 Corps, 8 Mechanized Division, 11 Armored Brigade, 23 Mechanized Infantry Brigade, 15 Motorized Infantry Brigade, 8 Commando Brigade, 4 Humanitarian Brigade, 5 Artillery Brigade. Apart from this, there is also a corps stationed in Northern Cyprus under the name of Turkish Peace Forces, which is accepted as a base abroad. In addition to these combat troops, the independent Land Aviation Command, the Training and Doctrine Command to carry out training activities and the Logistics Command to make the operation possible are sub-organizations of this organization.

Navy Command
Turkey has been installed to protect it from future threats from the sea, it is our strength. Sub-units of this structuring, which was commanded by an admiral-rank naval officer; It is the Naval Forces Headquarters stationed in Ankara, the Naval Command in Gölcük, the Northern Naval Field Command in Istanbul, the Southern Naval Field Command in Izmir and also the Command of Education and Training located in Istanbul. The Navy has 27 Frigates, 14 Submarines, 9 Corvettes, 108 Assault Boats, 23 Missile Attack Ships, 102 Coast Guard Ships, and 21 Mine Ships.

Air Force Command
The Turkish Air Force, which is one of the 4 (5 according to some sources) air force that can perform night operations in the world, is commanded by a general, which is a pilot, with its 590 aircraft. The organization of our air force; The Air Force Headquarters stationed in Ankara is the Commander Air Force and Air Missile Defense Station located in Eskişehir, the Air Training Command stationed in İzmir and the Air Logistics Command stationed in Ankara.

Gendarmerie General Command
The Turkish Gendarmerie is a structure that serves as a law enforcement agency in areas where there is no police force. 92% of Turkey's face is measured as a little knowledge of the Gendarmerie. Technically, it works under the Ministry of Interior. It is in common structuring with the Land Forces as a human resource. The Gendarmerie General Command is made by a non-military general. Gendarmerie; Gendarmerie Security Corps Command stationed in Van, sub-units, Gendarmerie Training Commands stationed in İzmir, Zonguldak, and Bilecik, Gendarmerie Regional Commands stationed in major cities of our country, and Gendarmerie Air Command headquartered in Ankara, Gendarmerie Logistics Command.

Coast Guard Command
The Naval Security Command, represented at the division level within the TAF, is a naval officer at the admiral level. Its job is to carry law and justice to our seas. It is affiliated with the Ministry of the Interior but is in operational contact with the Navy. Besides the Boğalar and Marmara, Black Sea, Aegean, and Mediterranean region commands; There is also the Coast Guard Air Command, the Coast Guard Education and Training Command and the Coast Guard Supply Center Command.