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Land for Sale in Kemer

Kemer is a popular vacation location in Antalya. Thanks to its tropical Mediterranean climate, it enjoys a warm and dry summer and a nonfreezing winter. A majority of Kemer Town's beaches are composed of pebbles and feature pristine, crystal-clear water. The beaches are remarkable for their pristine condition and well-maintained facilities. Some of them are close to spectacular gorges and caves. The area has many breathtaking views!

A unique park entertainment complex is located not far from Kemer's port. It has a large area of 55,000 square meters and offers activities including diving, water skiing, surfing, fishing from yachts, tennis, mini golf, and a dolphinarium—fantastic entertainment for both children and adults!

Is Buying Land in Kemer a Good Investment?

Buying land in Kemer is undeniably a good investment. Because of its unique characteristics, Kemer land for sale is an attractive investment opportunity. The isolated setting of Kemer is what sets it apart from bustling urban centers. Land for sale in Kemer is ideal for a summer home where you can spend a few months with your family and friends each year. As in other Turkish resort towns, there isn't enough land to build on in Kemer, and you can't build tall buildings in places like Kemer, Antalya, and such. All of this keeps the value of land for sale in Kemer stable. Land for sale in Kemer is still popular with investors because rental properties are highly available during the holiday season and the real estate market in the area is liquid.

Where to Invest in Kemer Land?

You can purchase a farming field with an orange grove, land for sale in Kemer at the city center, land for sale in Kemer at the seaside, or land for sale in Kemer around the magnificent mountain area. On the Evrenseki side, land for sale in Kemer can be purchased by those who desire to construct villas. This area is only a few meters from the sea and is large enough to allow for the construction of large resorts that you can utilize for both commercial properties in Kemer and residential purposes. You can build apartments for sale in Kemer. Some land in Kemer already has building permits and a design that includes a garden and a pool area. That is beneficial for both constructing villa for sale in Kemer or Kemer hotels.

Most of the available land in Kemer for sale is away from the water. Yet, it should not be a problem, for Kemer is a tiny village. Buildable land is in short supply. This, however, is not to say that purchasing land in Kemer will not yield a profit. Antalya, where Kemer is located, is known for its rich farmland. It is also possible to grow fruit trees and vegetable gardens or build nice hotels that offer visitors a quiet place to stay. In fact, you can even use the land for sale in Kemer to construct a private villa for your own family.

Can Foreigners Buy Land in Kemer?

Foreigners can buy property in Turkey. However, the purchase is subject to several conditions:

  • If the buyer is a person instead of a company, he must be a citizen of one of the countries that are allowed.

  • Land purchased by foreigners in Turkey cannot exceed 10% of the district's total land area. 

  • In Turkey, foreigners can only buy up to 30 hectares of land at a time, but why does it stop them from buying land in Kemer? However, there are exceptions, wherein areas up to 60 ha in size are not subject to this limitation.

  • Land investments in Turkey are restricted to commercial enterprises. Commercial enterprises are eligible to make such an investment after submitting their plans for the properties they wish to purchase. If the land is diverted from the project's intended use, the relevant ministry will be responsible for selling off the property.

  • In military-restricted zones and security zones, foreigners were not allowed to buy land. Land in these places is off-limits to international buyers and tenants.

How do I Buy Land in Kemer?

To purchase Turkey real estate, foreigners must first submit an application. This application is made to the Land Registry Office. If applications are submitted by actual people, the following are required items:

  • Identity and passport of the foreigner

  • Acknowledgement of the land's fair market worth prior to the purchase

  • Title deed

  • Pictures of the seller and the buyer

  • The original, certified copy, and translated version of the procuration