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7 bedroom villa for sale


14.695.000 $

Ref. Code #137
  • Listing Date:

  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Bathroom

Kuruçeşme is one of the popular residential areas on the European coast. Located in the wide coastal area between Bebek and Ortaköy, it is a place that always makes its visitors happy with its proximity to everywhere and beautiful views.
If you wish you can walk on the beach, you can bike; If you wish you can sit in the lush beautiful park and enjoy the view, or you can enjoy your meals in the quality restaurants and cafes along the coast. It is one of the indispensables of Sunday breakfasts with its beautiful beach.
When the day turns to night, Kurcesme becomes Istanbul's one of the most popular centers of nightlife with its options ranging from tiny pubs to world-famous night clubs.

Built on 3000 square meters of land, this beautiful villa of 1300 square meters is waiting to give its new owners a happy life.
In addition to magnificent sea views, your home is a part of the lush forest around! This beautiful villa, where you can enjoy all the beauty of Istanbul and live away from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul, is waiting for you in all its glory.
On your perfect terrace, you can watch the ships crossing the Bosphorus while drinking your coffee with palm trees!
You will be able to enjoy swimming in any season of the year with your indoor pool in your garden.

Speaking of enjoying each season separately, we should not forget the winter garden! A warm room in which you can sit warm and watch the snow fall from the ceiling is located in your garden.

Designed with a modern and comfort understanding, the interior design offers you a warm and modern environment in every room of your home. From your kitchen to living rooms, your home is tastefully furnished and waiting for you.

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Property Features
24/7 Security
Project Amenities
Parking Area
Jogging Trails
Location Amenities
Close to Bridges
Close to Historical Peninsula
Near Business Center
Close to Hospital
Vartur Real Estate Istanbul
Vartur Real Estate Istanbul
Agent:Şerif Nadi VARLI
Work Mobile:  +90 212 803 01 05
WhatsApp:  +90 212 803 01 05