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What is the most expensive countries to visit?

What is the most expensive countries to visit?

The list includes dreamy countries for all people but unfortunately living these places are not quite easy. According to the reports of an international company whose name is Movehub, the list is based on considerations in food, transportation, clothing, monthly living and bill prices. Sorting is made by giving a hundred points to New York, which is one of the most expensive cities in the world. If you want to move to another country, check the list before taking action.

1.Bermuda (144,88)

Bermuda – also known as ‘’Bermuda Island’’ - takes in the first place. Probably many of us have heard for the first time but this lovely island is a paradise of taxes. It is an archipelago in the Atlantic, found West of the USA and North of the Caribbean. It is also an overseas’ land of England. Consisting of seven main islands - including Bermuda – and 150 islets.

Total land area is 53,3 kilometers square and capital is Hamilton with approximately 65,000 population.

The free market which is based on international finance service and tourism supports its economy overwhelmingly. Having the most GDP in the world, with 76,403 GDP per individual and the currency is Bermuda Dollar.

The island provides comfort service to the visitors coming for vacations, averagely 360,000 visitors benefit from this service each year. At the same time, it gives a financial service to international companies so that it has become one of the wealthiest places in the world. Tourism takes place %28 in the economy. Agriculture is limited as almost all islands face the same problem and no words about the industry to say. The biggest piece comes from financial service with %60 in the economy.

2.Switzerland (131,39)

Another popular country living in high standards in the world is Switzerland. The country runs most of its economy on finance. Many decisions about the world are held in the heart of Europe. Within a low population and high-quality life, the country shines with posh amenities with high prices.

3.Iceland (123,96)

A small but lovely country pushes people with high standards. Due to being an island where actively volcanic factors and natural causes, the island needs to meet most of its requirements from outside so that it makes the price pushes forward. On the other hand, Iceland expands its popularity day by day. Just a few years ago, the island started to attend sports events such as basketball and football, creates their cheers and attracts the tourists’ attention, at least football fans. Besides, Iceland is popular with nature tourism and scientific researches.

4.Norway (113,07)

Another Scandinavian country finds itself in the 4th place. Norway that you can find anything fascinates people with its nature, history, economy and proper living style. Hosting many local brands worldwide and using the environment productive. However, if you want to rent a house in Norway, you need to pay 925 £ per month.

5.Bahamas (100,68)

Many of us recognize the country thanks to Rihanna who is famous for a pop singer in America. Its economy is based on tourism with long beaches, beautiful sea, and exotic hotels. The prices jump up the reason why export is more than import.

6.Luxembourg (96,56)

Now, we arrive in cheaper countries than New York but still stands the cheapest countries. A small country with a low population is found at the heart of Europe. Despite being one of the wealthiest countries, Luxembourg can not avoid being an expensive place for all.

7.Denmark (93,03)

Another country from the Scandinavian region, Denmark also shines with its amenities. However, Denmark is one of the most debtful countries in Europe. Debt per house is as equal as %265 of income. Not a surprise when compared to the standards.

8.Singapore (91,04)

The country, which is famous for strict rules and sunny piece of land offers wonderful amenities for tourist and local people. Singapore has the lowest crime rate due to having frustrating punishments and also one of the best finance centers in the East. The average price for beer is 8,50 £ in this lovely country with a low population.

9.Japan (86,58)

Crowded and island country, Japan is famous for technological developments in the world. Most of its requirements are met from outside due to being a bunch of islands with 126 million population.

10. Israel (86,53)

Another high standard from the middle of the dessert. Israel tries to create an opportunity to meet requirements by itself. The country, covered with historical places and ancient ruins. That’s why it is possible to say tourism also supports its economy besides productivity.