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What documents do you need when travelling to Turkey?

What documents do you need when travelling to Turkey?

Tourist Visa
The visa is a permit issued by a government to foreigners travelling to their country and entered into foreigners passports in its simplest form. States have subjected different visa regimes to a foreigner according to their nation by using their national sovereign powers.
Every year, many tourists come to our country for a holiday. Some of them are exempted from visa application and some of them are citizens of countries which must apply to visa. The visa regime applied by Turkey in accordance with the principle of reciprocity varies from country to country. Before coming to our country, citizens of countries where visas are required must apply to visa for Turkey. Foreigners who want to visit Turkey for the aim of holidays, travel and tourism, will need to apply for a tourist visa.

How to Get a Tourist Visa for Turkey?
Tourist visa applications are received from the foreign representative office of Republic of Turkey where the foreigner’s residency, as a rule. However, some citizens of the country can make their tourist visa applications electronically without going to the foreign representative office. A document showing the income status from the foreigner who applied for a visa, a document supporting the return of him or her, hotel reservation and the invitation is requested. The reason for this is to control whether the person's visit is suitable for his or her purpose. Foreigners who applied for a visa to Turkey are required to have a valid passport at least 60 days or valid document instead of the passport.

In cases who the foreigners applying to the tourist visa with letters of invitation for coming to Turkey, the duration and purpose of the stay of the foreigner, the identification number, the residence address, the contact number of the Turkish citizen in the invitation letter who invited must be stated. In cases where the foreigner who applies for a visa has a line of descent with the inviting Turkish citizen, it is requested to indicate this in the invitation letter. In addition, in cases where the inviter states that the inviter will bear all the accommodation costs of the foreigner, the applicant is not required to have sufficient financial order. In this case, a document showing the income status of the inviter is requested.
Sending invitation letters to foreigners may not always be oneself, sometimes legal entities can also send invitation letters. In cases where companies and institutions send invitation letters, a tax plate is requested. In addition, it is requested to declare that the foreigners who receive the invitation will be covered by the institution. In this case, a document stating that the foreigner has sufficient financial order is not required. The requested document is given by the inviting institution.

In the tourist visa application, a document supporting the return from foreigners is requested. The purpose of the consulate to request this document is to create an indication of the person's return. In particular, developments in the economy and high unemployment problems that citizens of countries with the aim of taking tourist visas to work as they come primarily informal. The authorities require a return supporting document to prevent illegal immigration. Documents indicating that the foreigner has assets or permanent jobs in his or her country are considered as supporting documents. For example, the person's payroll, workplace activity certificate, student certificate, bank statement, and title deed are considered as supporting documents.

Necessary documents for the tourist visa
Turkey tourist visa applications of foreigners, engaged through the Foreign Representative of Turkey are required to be ready all the documents in the appointment day by the foreigner. For electronic visa applications, the online application form will be filled in and the requested documents will be scanned and uploaded to the system. Although it depends from country to country, who wants the tourist visa to Turkey, the following documentations are required for the application:
  • Passport or a valid document instead of the passport
  • Biometric Photo
  • A document showing the income status of the foreigner or income status of the inviter
  • Flight Reservation
  • Hotel reservation or invitation
  • A document that supporting the return of the foreigner (Title Deed, Workplace Permit, Payroll, Bank Receipt etc.)
  • Travel Insurance