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Warehouse for Sale in Istanbul

Purchasing real estate in the form of warehouses offers a higher return on investment than the majority of other types of commercial real estate. Let's look into the one-of-a-kind benefits that come along with investing in warehouses. 

There’s common knowledge that purchasing investment property can generate significant passive income over time. Investing in warehouses, a type of commercial real estate, is one of the best and most secure ways to make money in Turkey real estate. Some investors stick to the safer residential market to avoid the potential loss that comes with investing in commercial real estate. In contrast, the returns on investment for commercial real estate, which includes properties such as warehouses, are much larger than those for residential real estate. This is because the value of warehouses usually increases over time, which can be caused by things inside and outside the warehouse. For example, proactive management is one type of internal factor that could affect the value of a warehouse. This includes making affordable improvements to the property that will make it more valuable and attractive overall. Warehouse supply and demand can change for reasons outside the warehouse industry's control. Because the local economy and market are growing simultaneously, more and more people want to buy real estate. However, the amount of available space is getting smaller, which makes each property more valuable. Warehouses are a great place to temporarily store furniture and other things during a move. Buyers can also use them to store personal items for long periods of time. In addition to this, businesses that are involved in e-commerce frequently favor warehouses. It is also easy to change self-contained Turkish warehouses into other structures. In other words, in addition to their usage as storage spaces, warehouses have the potential to serve a variety of additional functions.

Where to Invest in Warehouse for Sale in Istanbul?

Most of Istanbul warehouses are on the Asian side of the city. A Vartur Real Estate team member can help you find the warehouse that best suits your needs. However, it is better to point out that there are storage facilities on the European side as well. Some of these warehouses are already being used as nightclubs or car washes, among other businesses. 

How to Buy Warehouse in Istanbul?

In Istanbul, purchasing a warehouse is no different than buying any other kind of real estate, like properties for sale in Istanbul. If you want to use your warehouse to store things, you should know the basics about the different kinds of warehouses and storage options. First of all, it could be helpful to know ahead of time what kinds of storage facilities are available. You can count on the assistance of our team for everything you need to know.

What is a Container Warehouse?

For this type of storage, the storage spaces and trucks must be moved to the place where goods will be stored. Items are sealed in permanent bubble-wrapped nylon packaging. The items that need to be collected are stored in containers. Trained professionals disassemble your materials before putting them into storage.

What is a Self Storage Warehouse?

The customer is the only person with the storage platform key. During business hours, you are free to visit the storage area and take or add whatever you need.

What is an Office Supply Warehouse?

Office storage is a great way to get more space for your business or get rid of things in your office without making any long-term commitments or signing any contracts. You can use an office furniture moving service to move your office furniture or store your things on your own.