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Villa vs Apartment Turkish Real Estate Market

Villa vs Apartment Turkish Real Estate Market

It depends on the living style of customer who thinks of buying property from a vast land with garden and isolate area with the opportunities of duplex and triplex or an apartment having luxurious amenities such as courts, security, and management. However, when we compare both of them on a demand in the Turkish market, the statistics between two kinds of property shows that people generally prefer to buy an apartment from the projects if they rent their apartments. However, villas that their values get double everyday offers you big amount of cash money in payment when you sell. Living in a villa in Turkey is not a common living style and also seen as a prestigious thing so that –no matter where you buy from Turkey, from Istanbul to vacation sides such as Antalya, Marmaris, Fethiye- Villa refers to wealthy people. That’s why the possibility of cash payment in one is highly more than an apartment. Before making a statement, let’s check the advantages and disadvantages by comparing to these living styles. You can easily make a judgement in this way.

The Advantages of Apartment in Residance

· You are not supposed to deal directly with outdoor services and problems because there is generally an institution named ‘’site management’’ which is associated with residences. These managements handle with your ‘’security, garden care, floor cleaning, installation control.’’
· Securing the area will be much cheaper because you can easily afford to ten securities if 100 TRY is collected from hundreds of people. However, it will be a minimum of 25.000 TRY to meet the salaries of ten people.
· These luxury residences are generally cheaper than detached houses.
· Despite precious things of the property is unique, quality and different; However, residences are known more due to marketing and brand awareness.
· When you move to high profile residences such as Spine Tower or Ritz Carlton, there is a chance to be a neighbor of important businessmen, well-known celebrities, football players and more. So, good relationships with your neighbors may affect your business and life in a good way. You can make a good commercial relationship and join a community while just sitting at your home. Using the same facilities in the residence will also be entertaining. You are going to buy a prestigious besides buying that kind of property.

The Disadvantages of Apartment in Residence
· If you are a person of comfort, residence life will be a little bit hard for you because making noise, funny talks loudly or installment for anything in the apartment may cause a strict behavior of your neighbor against you. Additionally, you can face the same problem in the facilities such as pools, fitness center or tennis court. They are only possibilities but no need to forget. Otherwise, you can do everything you want in a villa, which is your own and isolate land.
· In luxury residences, the power of attorney is a must. You always need to give power of attorney to someone who gets into your apartment while you are not in there. Otherwise, it is a harsh situation and can necessitate a lot of paper works in this process. Together with not including every residence, the process is getting complicated as the residence gets luxurious because the important thing is you and your apartment of course.
· If the residence doesn’t have an area such as a barbecue place and children's playground, making barbecue at your balcony or playing your child inside of the house might make your neighbors angry and can cause a permanent problem with them. In this part, either you choose not to do your hobbies like these or living in a villa will be a better option. Your child also loves playing freely in a private place on your own.
· On the other hand, you can not be free in the house sometimes. If you don’t care about smoking cigarettes inside or outside of the apartment. Maybe, a cigarette doesn’t trigger the smoke detector but smoking with a group meeting together might be wet for you.
· If you earn well, renting a house from residence for living or buying a property to rent are advantages choices by all amenities. However, if you buy a real estate from a residence –Let’s say Istanbul – and holding the house for a vacation instead of renting, the maintenance fee might seem high a little bit. If not, a beautiful city awaits you on your vacation.

The Disadvantages of Villa
· Living in a duplex or triplex villa may be creepy sometimes because you will be alone on a vast land, especially without living your family or friend. It seems like a moderate disadvantage but psychological effects can be harmful anyway.
· If any problem reveals out such as technical or installment problems at your house, it takes time to figure it out handling the situations.
· Security will be another problem, you may recruit security around your house but living in a residence which is a tall building populated by lots of people can protect, not even a need of security because they will be counted as ‘’alarm’’. So, we also need to question ourselves that our life is in danger or not or what kind of person I am?
· On the other hand, the expenses of the facade, garden, pool and the others belong to you in a villa so that these expenses will be more expensive than the same opportunities at a residence.

The Advantages of Villa
· Noone can mess up with you for the noise unless you are annoyed by it. You can turn on the music at any volume, giving a party by morning, or doing your hobbies at any time. That’s is a truly privilege, especially you are a person living in the city where people generally have to live in tall buildings.
· Living in a villa attracts people all the time because that kind of lifestyle is different and attractive so that choosing this living style makes you more charismatic and jumps up your aura in Turkey.
· The design of your garden, the choice about the length and depth of your pool, housepaint of your home belongs to you. You can even make graphite to all facades. It sounds stupid but decorating your house to fully your wishes is a great opportunity that life offers to you.
· You will be out of maintenance fee, unlike residence. There is an absolute expense such as villa but not stabilized by anyone.
· Living in a villa offers you an isolated life so that you don’t need to be inside while doing anything you want. Your privacy is not limited to the inner side, your garden also offers it.
No matter what the disadvantages and advantages are, living in a villa is always dreamy for many people including me either. If you are a person who has high standards, preferring to the villa is a better option. However, if you are a person who has an over living style but not a millionaire, then residence life offers you to posh amenities under your feet so that kind of living style will be better for you. Of course, you will always make the final decision. Which are the best option for you?