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Tiny House

Tiny House

Tiny House is still a mystery as a terminology. So, we can say ‘’Micro House’’ for now. Tiny house trend – if we make a brief summarize – is a social movement consisting of a group of people who prefer to live in a smaller place. People attend to movements the reason why wanting to live freely, economical reasons and environmental factors.

This kind of living style helps people show different living styles than they were used to live once upon a time. It is a developing and growing movement that started in the United States of America.
Tiny houses are structures that are built on wheels or stationary in changeable sizes between 5m² and 30 m². It can be any shape, size, and form. However, it provides simple and economic life in the places used in efficient and small areas. Tiny houses on the wheel seem as if they are caravans but these houses have not only cute appearance but also environmentally friendly and support a sustainable life.

These micro houses require low usage of the source to build and live so that means less usage of energy, waste, and carbon footprint. Additionally, they are smart and innovative greenhouses answering all requirements out of network independently due to solar panel, lithium battery, stocking energy, compost toilet, the circulation of water that enable you to irrigate grass.
Besides offering sustainable life by reducing the waste of energy, it means the decrease of the bill at the same time. For individuals wanting to adopt this kind of living style, the tiny house trend is to live in a small, simple, and more sustainable lifestyle. Moreover, this recent trend is getting popular in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Europe, and now in Turkey.

The trend started to create an alternative place for people who were highly affected by the 2008 Global Economic Crisis in the United States. However, it became also popular in Europe and turned itself into a sector worldwide.

Nowadays, the movement is seen as a social act more than living in a small house. It combines minimalism with a free life mentality. People aim to connect friendly with nature and spending healthier life besides reducing the carbon footprint. It also offers small houses, mobility in life, reducing daily costs, taxes of house and maintenance costs.

Serif Nadi Varli who is the founder of Vartur Real Estate points out that the trend is suitable for people who want to avoid wasting their money such as construction cost of small houses, building permit, ground survey, taxes, and fees saying ‘’People can have mobile lifestyle by living in a harmony in nature and give freedom unlike the urban life on unplanned lands, in the middle of olive trees, SIT and camping areas. Within these aspects, we predict that it will be more popular in two years’’

The weights of sample tiny houses in New Zealand and the United States of America can be on average 10.5 tons of kilogram while the most top weight needs to be 3.5 tons to get the product to legalize in Turkey. That means the size of the houses is approximately 20 square meters. If you don’t have a suitable car for pulling the vagoon, you can locate your tiny houses with the aid of companies that you buy from. The price of products changes between 90.000 – 200.000 Turkish Liras.