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Things to know before moving to Turkey

Things to know before moving to Turkey

Sunny days await you!

No matter where you move to Turkey, hot weather starts with the beginning of spring, especially the coastal sides of the Aegean and Mediterranian Sea such as Fethiye, Bodrum, Antalya. You may have an idea if you check the average Antalya weather report throughout the year. You are going to face with the high-temperature degree, even sometimes enabling you to swim in winter. However, you should take care of yourself avoiding direct touch with the sun in the middle afternoon. Otherwise, sunny days can turn out sunburn.

The habit of seasonal eating

You can buy a pineapple for the whole year in many European countries. However, except for basic vegetables, everything is seasonal in Turkey so that the country offers you mostly fresh vegetables and fruit instead of a greenhouse product. Moreover, this situation helps you get healthier habits due to being more natural. If you are willing to purchase imported products a few high profile markets such as Macro provide exotic fruits from all over the world. Besides, attending to invitations get you to find a friend easily. The local people of the country are friendly and like wasting time with foreigners. So, it won’t be any problem unless you coldly behave to them. Additionally, Turkish people are as timid as charming because they mostly don’t know English or any language, people who know are not generally able to speak fluently. That’s why they can take a step back instead of speaking. For that reason, learning basic Turkish words will help you to communicate at the beginning of the conversation.

Same country different cultures

Turkey is a place hosting the all cultural mentality found all over the world. This variety –most probably – is based on being located in the middle of three continents and of course, getting from the ruins of the Ottoman Empire which expanded equally three continents in history. When you move to the country, you are absolutely going to see this diversity, even in a simple Turkish family. So, I think it is the most important issue. You can see a person who is more European than European and more conservative than a sharia country. It is important where you move into the country. Therefore, make a little bit of searching depending on your perspective on the world and decide to move to a town which is the most suitable one for you.

However, don’t forget to wear off your shoes while entering a house, this is the mutual behavior that no one accepts the opposite.

Just wait a little time to get used to the culture

The first year can push you a little bit. Getting used to a new culture, new foods, climate, the bureaucracy, meeting and having a good connection with them may be hard for you. However, this is absolutely an occasional thing. Don’t worry too much about it.

Try to get a friend

To follow much easier, transfer all official stuff to the electronic. Then, try to find a close and reliable friend that you can easily contact him/her to help you with your banking, post-delivery and some unpredictable issue. Besides, don’t waste too much effort in moving to your big stuff such as a couch, table, etc. Only take valuable stuff for you and start your journey without wasting too much time.

Finally, try to see more places in Turkey because this is an easier way to learn a country as well