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Video 7 The Broker

Video 7 The Broker

How to get Turkish citizenship? The video promises you a clear explanation about how you can apply for your second passport and 5 key advantages of living in Turkey.

According to the law launched in 2018, a foreigner can apply for obtaining Turkish Citizenship by investing $250.000 property in Turkey. The broker Serif Nadi Varli talks about the big opportunity in detail which is to get Turkish passport by investment. Within the cheapest passport in the world, dual citizenship is not a dream anymore.

Turkey real estate creates a citizenship opportunity besides making you profit a lot. Your second residency await you by all means.

By buying second passport, your nuclear family also qualifies to second citizenship after accomplishing a couple of processes both paperwork and legal procedures. To see procedures in detail and grasp more about how to get a second passport, you should absolutely watch this video.