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Taksim Square

The place is located close to the historical peninsula, as a matter of fact, its history is as old as the historical peninsula itself. The square is found one of the oldest towns in the world: Beyoğlu. During the Ottoman Era, Galata and its around serve the top class people from Turkish nobles and top officers to wealthy Jews, Armenian, Greek merchants and craftsmen. So, its multicultural skeleton has been based on hundred years ago. Entertainments were held, meetings were organized here.

Within the late Ottoman Era, its prestige began climbing up by those events. The place has had an attractive atmosphere somehow. After having been changed the regime of the country, the location found itself at the most prestigious level by that time. An amazing monument was erected in the name of the Republic. Given the monument a name called Cumhuriyet Anıtı meaning ‘’Republic Monument’’.

After that time, everything about public institutions, entertainment places, cafes, bars, hotels, and stores starts to be shaped around this new center, lined through Istiklal Street to the Galata where is connected to the historical peninsula from across of Golden Horn. People from inside and out started to rush this place as its famous went up.

Nowadays Istanbul is the 8th city that means here is at the top ten worldwide. You may find a street full of traditional foods from all over the world, singers from all genres, Street performance, luxury and boutique hotels, all types of cafes and bars, rooftops with the view of Bosphorus, lovely park and more around the square. Its countenance gets a modernize appearance by the pedestrianization project in it and restoration of historical buildings providing to remain its historical architecture around the square.