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Vlog#3 Panoramic Penthouse in Maslak $8.000.000

Vlog#3 Panoramic Penthouse in Maslak $8.000.000

The third Vlog takes place in one of the most striking buildings in İstanbul, whose name is Spine Tower and Şerif Nadi Varlı takes you a journey throughout the spacious 7-bedroom penthouse sized with 715 square meters and fascinating Bosphorus View. Besides the enormous size of the Penthouse, another thing that will amaze you is the fascinating view of the Maslak and the Bosphorus! In this video, Mr. Şerif takes you to the castle in the heart of Istanbul.

Maslak is a part of Sarıyer where the location is popular with;

Its central location
Being in the middle of various business centres
Amazing view of Bosphorus
Elite Living Style
5 Minutes away to Taksim, Levent, Istinye
10 Minutes away to Fatih, Şişli
Near the Metro Station

A sought-after place for celebrities, high-end CEOs and chairmen, even worldwide companies in the commercial side. You will certainly understand why Nzonzi and Adriano stayed in this apartment before.

Taking a journey in this huge apartment is a little bit tiring because of its size but the view, seen from each room fulfils our motivation with energy that’s for sure. First, Mr.Şerif introduces the living room which is as big as two living rooms and it's amenities such as curtain used by the smart home system. Then, the breath-taking Bosphorus view meets us from all over the rooms, even from the bathtub you can see the view of Belgrad Forest.

Then the journey crawls throughout the apartment. Rooms that seems as hotel suits, also equipped with footprint Technologies on door handles, lovely kitchen seeing both Levent and Bosphorus view and all machines are available in the kitchen, even the wine fridge! Spine Tower is oval and covered with full of glasses. You are witnessing the second
tallest building in Turkey. You may say ‘’the castle’’ in here because C80 concrete
technology was used in the building, the same material used in NATO bases, it is the best
technology in its class made by Oyak Beton. You can construct three skyscrapers with
the materials used in its construction. The building is such strong to stay on foot over the
9.0 earthquake. You will have fun while watching, we enjoyed a lot.

For the amazing penthouse with cutting-edge technological systems and Bosphorus View that Mr. Şerif introduced, you can look over on our website: