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Amidst glistening turquoise waters, endless sun kissed sands and tropical greenery, Portofino Hotel is the ideal place to lay back, relax and soak up the Mediterranean sun. Featuring five breathtaking swimming pools (four outdoor and 1 indoor), the hotel also boasts an Olympic Pool that will feature awe-inspiring live performances, water ballet and synchronized swimming acts. With two pristine beaches that stretch on for miles, guests can choose between a refreshing open dip, sunset drink at the Pool Bar or an energetic fitness class at the fully equipped Water Sports Centre.
Why buy this property

    A Plus Project

    Luxury and Modern Interior Design

    Suitable For Disabled

    Open-Close areas

    -Elite and luxury life in pure nature

    Central Location

    Perfect Investment

    Guest Parking Area

    Transportation Opportunities

    High Security

    -Offering a lot of opportunity for your hobbies and free times

    Rental Guarantee

    Rich amenities

    Prime Location


    Introducing one of the most exclusive and ‘postcard worthy’ destinations in the Heart of Europe - Portofino Hotel.     

    Italiano inspired “The town’s natural harbor. Colored facades with balconies, flower and restaurants meld with the sea. A pure love for the Italian villages. A tribute to the real Mediterranean atmosphere.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

    it’s the perfect opportunity to relax into your holiday or weekend away, as you are transported to another world reminiscent of the stunning Italian Riviera. As the sea laps the hull, you’ll sail up to the magnificent Portofino Hotel on Main Europe island. Designed by Italian architects and surrounded by glistening turquoise oceans, a breathtaking serviced marina will unfold before you. A playground of activities for children of any age. Guests and suite owners can moor their boats and yachts here for the duration of their stay and watch them bob in the water as if they were on the idyllic fishing village in Portofino, Italy. This is also where hotel shuttle boats, disembark their passengers direct into the care of the Italian staff, who provide a more than royal welcome.

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