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A Specially Designed Villa For Sale Located On The Golmahal Site


2.313.000 $

Ref. Code #56912
  • Listing Date:

  • 6 Bedroom
  • 4 Bathrooms

‘’Gölmahal’’ in a 92.470 square meter lush area where 38 villa with gross 720 square meters positioned; become prominent with eco-friendly, smart systems applications that enables energy saving. It values every single detail including retrenching from materials used in villa construction by considering the future of our world against global climate change thread through producing its own resources, an environmentalist project that enables recycling.

The villa has an indoor area of 586m2 and a garden of 1.800m2. There is an automatic irrigation system with a clock setting. In the garden, there are adult fruit trees such as cherries, apricots, plums, apples, pomegranates, mulberries, walnuts, olives, cranberries, lemons, and tangerines, various 20-year-old pines, and palm island.

Our villa has 3 floors and is in a 6 + 2 concept. The villa has a 50m2 fully maintained working swimming pool and a 40m2 parking lot.

Social Facility:
Area of 10,000 square meters within the borders of tennis, basketball court, indoor and outdoor pools, restaurant, fitness center, and a member of the social facilities will be available only from the outside, not Gölmahal residents.

3000 square-foot children's park, recreation area, ornamental pools, and plants. There is also a pond in the middle of Gölmahal. The social facility has a separate administration building Gölmahal.

Passing will be done with photocell cards, and also there are security cameras, fire hydrants, lightning conductors,s and security buildings. Insecurity building video jack to villas is provided.

Distance to some centers:
There will be a minibus in a site for transportation to important centers of the city and subway.

Maslak, Levent: 25 Minutes
Taksim: 30 Minutes
Atatürk Airport: 20 Minutes
Hezarfen Airport: 5 Minutes
Büyükçekmece Marina : 5 Minutes
TEM : 1km
E-5 : 5 km

Property Features
24/7 Security