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Welcome to me and you all. Now we will be talking about one of the holiest, political and full of culture city in the world. The town is older than many civilizations, ideas and more. Let’s see how life is going on nowadays. 
Life in Fatih
Life is actually based on many things in here. Because of being ancient town, many qualified public institutions such as hospital, school, govermental institution are found here and also includes the most historical buildings in it. Beside it, when you gaze around the town, you see the multicultural density and narrow streets due to being the first settlement in the city so people primarily migrated to here. Nowadays its calm atmosphere matches with its tourist population through Sultanahmet, Eminönü and along with the Byzantium walls.
However, Eminönü has a secret value for tourists that you may meet every need in the cheapest amount, in the city. Many products are sold from this oldtown to other towns in the city and people, who wants to buy a product cheaper. On the other hand, here is surrounded by historical building, cafes and hookah places that makes you feel living as if you are in old Istanbul. The place is also covered with old type of  traditional stores selling Turkish coffee, lokum, baklava, kadayıf and more.
So close to this place, we meet with Sultanahmet where is the most known location in Turkey. You should come here when Ramadan starts because its famous comes from religious tombs and mosques. Here hostes an impressive Karagöz-Hacivat shows, religious tv shows and traditional activities during the fest.  While doing this, you will be walking on the road where once upon a time Kings, Sultans and legendary poets and commanders  pass through.
Additionally, the beauty of town is not limited to it. There are many locations inside where are found the best public primary schools, high schools and university. Also some of their buildings remained from Ottoman Empire protecting all its architectural beauty. Istanbul University and Capa Fen High School will be great examples of it by their glamarous grandness.
So, let’s pointing the most iconic element in the town: Mosques. In the location, it is possible to see more than four mosques just in a Street and mostly all of them are left more than 200, 300 maybe 600 years ago! If you stay in here, you certainly will fulfill with ‘’azan’’,which means ‘’calling to prayer’’, and truely suitable fort he atmosphere of the Oldtown. You’ll witness flood of people not only Blue Mosque but also every mosques in Fridays. You are lucky if you find somewhere in the edge of the mosque garden.
Transportation in Fatih
Not even a question. Because every transportation links were made in the way of reaching here. You can find any transportation instruments such as train,metro,bus,sea and Marmaray. Also travel with vehicles is easier because you can go, even the edge of anatolian side, any direction by one transportation link. Living here is possible, feeling is amazing though.

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