’’What a lively town’’ will be the right term for the location. Here is the best example of a well-organized town in the city. Just constructed 10-15 years ago and turns itself into a modern location with its high profile settlers and business centers. Let’s see how life goes on in this proper town.
Here is a place for people, who wants to live properly. That’s why the town is a testing ground for high technology like 4G due to its glittering infrastructure that has lately been made. It is a vast town spreading over the West side of the Europen Peninsula such that it even includes a 26.000 square meter artificial pond inside of the town. Even the lake is also made properly! Also host to numerous national and international companies,  public institutions, technical universities, Techno-Parks and of course, qualified private and public hospitals due to being highly populated from each profile. 
Besides meeting basic needs, Başakşehir meets also your interest in entertainment. Mall of Istanbul, mega shopping mall including residence area, social facilities, and shopping mall, will be a great example of shopping, visiting worldwide cafes and eatery places.
Additionally, the location hosts the biggest stadium, also used for Olympic games and Başakşehir Football Club, named the stadium with its own name ‘’Başakşehir Stadium’’.
Bus and Başakşehir-İkitelli subway lines are the transportation links for the area. Also, another subway line is on the way in a close time, passing by different parts of the location. Başakşehir certainly attracts people with the proximity to Istanbul Airport, 20 kilometers away, approximately 15-20 minutes to there. there.

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