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Is Turkey a 3rd World Country?

Is Turkey a 3rd World Country?

There are many speculations turning around the term ‘’3rd world country’’ because its meaning diverges in time. When it was first launched, it was about the classification for countries. According to the first classification, it is made that countries, which are the candidates of NATO, were counted as ‘’1st world countries’’, the candidates of Warsaw Pact were second and the candidates, which are not candidates of both Warsaw and NATO were counted as ‘’3rd world countries’’. When we point out the subject to this, Turkey has been the first world country since 1952. The time when Turkey sent military support to South Korea during the civil war. However, NATO means the United nations against communism. Within the SSCB that was the banner bearer of communism being destroyed, this union has lost its function not only ideological but also military power because the world wakes up a new century with a different mentality. The power of manpower and the military turned into having the strongest economy. Today, we live in a world that the pen is mightier than the sword. Just a little movement of a pen in the hand of strong countries can get bankrupt the ‘’3rd world countries’’ nowadays. This is the right term in our minds. Terminology determines countries to their economies whether they are the third world or not. Besides the economy, civilization and authority are the effective elements of our minds in the classification. Let’s stick together the idea tightly with examples.

According to the new terminology, we can count countries such as Norway, Sweden, England, Germany, Japan as first world countries because they have a strong authority in the center, well the economy and the law system that people mostly need to obey otherwise feedback is disastrous. Bribe situation, politically correctness and more are the most proper level so that these countries are suitable for a low and middle class can live easier than the classes, found in third world countries. So, does Turkey have these amenities to become a first world country?

Firstly, Turkey’s law system is close to the European law system as content because Turkey collected law systems from different parts of Europe when it was first founded and developed its law system on it. On the other hand, the recent laws are arranged for the European Union system due to being a candidate of the union at the beginnings of the 2000s. Despite the regime was changed, this culture still goes on.

Secondly, the authority is probably as strong as any other civilized country. We can see the proper acts in refugee problems, protests, and terrorism activities in the east, which decreases day by day. Turkey also created a safe zone beyond the border named ‘’Idlib’’ so that it holds security vulnerability at the minimum level in the Syria Issue. Additionally, keeping its stabilization of issues while the countries found around Turkey such as Irak, Iran, Armenia, and Syria are in trouble with wars is the indicator of its calm authority. There is no danger comes from there and goes from here.

The final element for our classification is the economy. Turkey gets in trouble with the economical crisis these days. The clearest indication is waving in the exchange. The unemployment rate increases constantly and life expenses grow up in time. However, Spain and Italy are in the same situation with Turkey. Also, the country takes 17th place on the list of G20 that means Turkey has the 17th strongest economy in the world. Besides, G20 countries rule the %75 of the world economy. If we evaluate with an objective view depending on data, we can say that the country is economically correct either despite the crisis. However, the situation depends on what you are looking at. That’s why you are the decider of what Turkey is a third world country or not?