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Is There Uber in Istanbul?

Is There Uber in Istanbul?

There was an Uber transportation in previous years. However, within the new decision about Uber, the company was banned to run business in the country and some charges to people for Uber users and drivers were accepted. Due to these punishments for all, Uber is not accepted legally in the whole country. You may use different kinds of taxi such as Turquoise, yellow and black. Yellow taxi is counted as ‘’standard’’ and you can find everywhere in the city. Turquoise taxi is a little more expensive than the yellow one. Additionally, Black one, called ‘’luxury taxi’’, in the type of Vito found six seats at the back offers you air conditioning, tv, table, fridge, beverage and foods inside. Seems as if it is similar to Uber but more than that. Let’s see what is the difference among prices to arrive in the same place.

Yellow Taxi - 100 TRY
Turquoise Taxi - 115 TRY
Black Taxi - 200 TRY