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Is land investment in Turkey worth it?

Is land investment in Turkey worth it?

The best way for investment and getting a profit from your savings is that you need to understand the money markets associated with the field besides knowing the sector either. You can change the profit that you get by true investment preference in true place and true time. The necessity of examining and searching to make a land investment is a must. If you follow this process, a land investment will absolutely be one of the best instruments for the investment.

How Can a Land Be More Profitable?

There are some featured points that land is turned into a more profitable investment. The time comes first among them. The long term land investment is always more profitable. However, the important thing is to turn your investment into profit in the short term. You can manage it by following to developments and getting safe information about the zoning situation in the regions.

Especially, you can use your money for a land investment if you are complaining about the jumping up to prices of real estate, commercial place, shop, villa and vacation house for sale. However, it is not same with the buying a real estate because you can evaluate the structural and environmental factors by seeing inside of the apartment and you can search about zoning from municipality and land registry office in an easier way while you need to search in detail to invest in land because you can get income in the way of renting from a real estate even if there is no value up. On the other hand, there is no income in land investment. Additionally, it includes additional tax besides no income. So that it should be firstly learned whether the land is suitable for zoning or not before investing.

Then, you need to question what kind of permission that the land has such as real estate, commercial place or social service area because the selling part will depend on where the land is found in the long or short term. At the same time, the zoning situation can not be changed later and your land can be useless to sell.

The Importance of the Constructional Land

The study about the solidity of the ground is a must. The lands that are solid ground are sold more than a soft ground that may cause the risk of an earthquake.

Lands that have a property-related problem, such as mortgages, annotations, foreclosures, private individuals, companies or public institutions, are always difficult to sell in terms of procedures and may incur additional costs to you.

A land investment from a right place and time provides you a great amount of profit in the mid and long term.

Choose Right Time to Sell

Land sales are like a stock market. They are affected much from Money markets and strategical changing in their regions that they are found. For instance, the lands found close to International Istanbul Airport seem as useless investments but now, it gains much value thanks to the airport project.

Besides, it is important to the proximity to road vessels in the region. The land should be bought by investigating lands to which one will be real estate, which one will be public area and commercial.

10 Best Cities to Make Land Investment in Turkey

10 – Mersin

The most suitable places for both real estate and land investment in Mersin are Yenisehir, Kocavilayet, and Mezitli due to being located at the center and around it.

9 - Sanliurfa

Eyyubiye is one of the urban transformation towns so that it is quite suitable for real estate investment while Karacadag gets valuable for land investment due to being supported by the government.

8 - Gaziantep

The city is featured more with the project that organized industrial Zone is going to be built in the future, especially for the land investment.

7 - Konya

The city was the most sought after place for Seljuks in the past and it is still attractive for the central location. Karatay is featured with its location due to being close to the center and Meram is one of the most profitable towns either in terms of land investment.

6 - Adana

The investment becomes more profitable in Kozan Yolu, Karaisalı and the surrounding of M1 Shopping Mall because the city expands intensely to the Northside day by day

5 – Antalya

Konyaaltı and Lara are the most valuable places to invest in real estate investment thanks to the touristic value of the towns, especially in summer. Because of the high prices at the coastal sides of the city, real estate investments tend to interior sides. People who want to invest in land from Antalya can prefer to the interior side of Lara and Kundu Yolu, which connects resorts to the center.

4 - Bursa

The city is as equal as Istanbul in the intense migration from the other cities in Turkey and land sales. The most valuable place is Yenisehir because of being built Auto Test Center that is found only six samples around the world. On the other hand, Karacabey is the other ideal place that the city expands towards the town.

3 – Izmir

Due to the recent urban transformation and luxury residence projects, the price of real estate grows up day by day. Bornova, Mavisehir, and Balcova are the places that are suitable for real estate investment. Besides, shopping malls lately made in these regions draw attention more and more every day. The possibility of becoming future luxury residences is found in Torbali, Guzelbahce, and Urla in Izmir.

2 – Ankara

The second biggest city in Turkey. Because of expanding towards the Southwestern side of the city, the most profitable areas for real estate are Yasamkent and Temelli besides Etimesgut and Eryaman gets valuable more. For investing in land investment, Batikent, Pursaklar, NATO Yolu in Mamak and Baglum area in Kecioren are featured towns in Ankara.

1 – Istanbul

As we all know, it is not a surprising thing to see Istanbul in the first place. The city is important not only for Turkey but also worldwide. Real Estate and land investment tend to Northern and Southern sides of the city due to the construction newly made such as 3rd Bridge, 3rd Airport and North Marmara Highway. %400 enhancements in the land prices are seen in the regions found at the northern side of Istanbul