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Is Istanbul New Airport the Biggest in the World?

Is Istanbul New Airport the Biggest in the World?

According to authority, International Istanbul Airport will be the biggest airport in the world. The capacity of passengers will increase constantly in the port serving 80 million when it is first launched and that number will jump over 150 million people in time. Now, Atlanta Airport visited by 140 million passengers has the highest rate when we analyze current passenger traffic instead of the capacity. However, we can accept that the new airport will be the biggest in the future if the airport could be activated with full capacity.

At the same time, the most challenging airport is El Maktum International Airport in Dubai in terms of the capacity rate. El Maktum International Airport when the launching year was 2010, has kept its expansion. It is assumed that its capacity will be between 160 and 220 million passengers when it starts full capacity.

On the other hand, when we evaluate the capacity of the land, the new airport will be the 4th airport in the world. King Fahd International Airport is the biggest airport with its 78,000-hectare area in Saudi Arabia meaning that ten times bigger than Istanbul Airport.

Istanbul Airport Economic Analysis shows the economical dimension of the Project. According to reports, the airport has the statue of the biggest investment for infrastructure in a lump with the cost of 10.2 billion Euro. The airport also takes place among the most costly airports. The most costed airports in the world are found in Hong Kong Airport and Kansai Airport in Japan with 20 billion cost during their construction.