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Is Ataturk Airport Closing?

Is Ataturk Airport Closing?

No point in asking these questions because it has been already closed with the latest flight to Ankara on March 3, 2019. Not only a better airport takes its place, but also the best in Europe: International Istanbul Airport, which is the capacity of 200 million people when all construction parts are done.

On the other hand, Ataturk Airport is still active for some flights about cargo plane and also Foreign Minister’s plane lands off sometimes but it is closed for standard flights for a reason; The airport is using the same airways with International Istanbul Airport.

Besides, it will turn itself into an expo center exhibited to the fair for business, art galleries, events and more. Hosting numerous meetings from all over the world and will become a unique place in the heart of the city. Also, it will be fully covered with restaurants and cafes in nature. Not a green place much for now but the government will make the airport area greener with trees and designed with Botanique. So that here will start to be counted as a spicous green place and offer a comfortable area for local people.

Additionally, one path from the airport is going to stay for a training flight like a heritage coming from old airport and it makes the new expo gain an authentic view. You will see land off the path while drinking your beverage in nature. Briefly, here will be a wonderful place. However, turning a huge airport into multiple things is not an easy workload as you understand.