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How to plan your real estate investment in Turkey?

How to plan your real estate investment in Turkey?

Being in need of accommodation used to cause buying a property. However, the term has completely changed when the real estate sector took first place in the socio-economic markets. Property is seen as an investment instrument besides accommodation function.

So, within the numerous structural factors in these economic conditions, the profit in the real estate market walks on a different line after years.

The prices constantly change in last years but we should not forget that property price index, analysis period, a local market that is examined, political conditions and selected price corrections affect these changes. When we evaluate the price up in the periods, there is some price down periods either. In terms of this, no matter what the investment instrument is such as exchange, property or the others, an investment is made when bought. So, we don’t count as an investment if you buy a property that its price is very high. Just the opposite, it has to be bought from a suitable price so that you are able to get profit even if the market is at the normal level. That’s why the term ‘’property for investment’’ comes up. There must be some qualifications to count property as investment by all means.

Never without checking the title deed

Investment or not, the title deed is the most guaranteed element when you buy a property. So, it is the first official paper that you have to check. You have the right to question what the legal situation of the house is, it will show your next step about the future investment for a property at the same time. For a detailed workload, it can save your time to work with an experienced real estate consultant either. It also informs you about laws that can be quite different from your homeland.

The land

You should know how the land is even if there is no problem with the property. No one wants to invest in a place where it contains water basin, high risk of earthquake and landslide under the ground, even rumors are enough to price down for your property.

Is Big House a big investment?

That is not true to say that you will get a big profit as a house gets bigger. Especially 3+1 and 4+1 apartments are high prices but not getting you a great amount of profit while renting. So, you should not purchase a big apartment. For instance, if you find two 2+1 which are the nearly as same price as 4+1 and if these two 2+1 houses earn you more, there is no need to buy a 4+1 apartment.

Maintenance Fee is another issue

Imagine that you purchase a house from a highly comfortable project and you want to sell instead of renting when its value gets more. However, you should also think of the maintenance fee for this comfortable project. If you don’t live and rent, it becomes pointless to pay a high maintenance fee for your apartment. It can seem as if it is not important but turn into a great amount in time.


It is hard to find a place for an investment where the prices are already clear and deeply central location. So to speak, investment is not made that kind of place. The place that you are going to invest in should generally be a developing area. Being near a metro or going to be open soon, the proximity to the hospital and school are some of the samples that directly affect your investment income. The rental income of these type of places generally goes up all the time.

Rental Income at the property for investment

Purchasing a high price property doesn’t guarantee that you will get a high rental income with its price. If you buy a property for renting, you should not ignore the time. For example, let’s imagine you buy a property with a value of 300.000 TRY, your rental income will be averagely 15.000 TRY meaning that you will earn the total amount back 20 years later. In Turkey, we can say that the time of earning back is generally 30-35 years in big cities. That’s why these kinds of properties don’t count as a great investment. You should find houses which earn you the total amount back between 20-22, maybe less than 20 years for a rental investment.