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How strong is the Turkish Military ?

How strong is the Turkish Military ?

When we think about the whole human history, we see that Turks have always fought for looting, defense, revenge, expanding its border and help to its allies in many continents such as Middle Asia, Far East, India, Anatolia, Europe, Africa, Arabian Peninsula. So, we can say that if countries became leaders, Turkey would become Alexander the Great who tried to conquer many continents and cultures.

Some features belong to some nations. For instance, Germans are good at engineering all the time, even when Roman-Germen Empire was founded, making balistas, catapults and lately cars, planes, and more or Englishes, being good at sailing and ships, discovering continents, sailing at challenging seas better than the other countries or Frenches, good at literature. Just like these examples, Turks are good at the military with their instincts of organizing, adapting to hard conditions and braveness at war. Because your genes absorb the feature of something that you do constantly. It is scientifically correct too. That’s way the military skills of the Turks come from ancient times.

Since the nation came up from the Siberian Forests in Middle Asia, found 16 states during its journey to the West – 7 of 16 are imperial states-. However, it is not the first time the Turks had reached the edge of the European continent, we were already visiting Europe –even the city of Rome itself- since the era of Hun from North, when the world was mostly the combination of Rome, Byzantium, and Huns.

Lately settled to the fascinating and fertile views and lands, Anatolia.
In those times, the idea of expansion never died and kept expanding to the West and captured until the ‘’Siege of Vienne’’. After that time, the Ottoman Empire started to lose its power constantly and sprouted again from the ground as a fresh seed, Republic of Turkey. Since it was first founded, Turkey has begun much bigger in the economy, tourism, industry, informatics and the most expansion revealed in the defense industry.


ASELSAN – Having the most jumps at its value- was founded in 1975 to meet the requirements of the Turkish military for ‘’the Siege of Cyprus’’, to provide peace between the crisis local people on the island, Turks and Greeks. By that time, the engineering of the defense industry has constantly grown up and become one of the most precious company at 5 in Turkey nowadays. It is effective due to the other crises happening at the border of Turkey such as Iran, Irak, Syria, Greece and Cyprus and also the terror at the East. However, terror almost disappeared, the Syria border is under control and gets power among the countries around it by producing its defense products so that the country gains its independence for doing operations.

Let’s look at what kinds of products that Turkey has in its inventory produced by itself.

Altay Tank

*Armoured Combat Vehicles
*Military Trucks *Security Vehicles *Armoured Civilian Vehicles * Defusion Robots *Unmanned Land Vehicles
*Explore and Observation Vehicles and more

*Storm Boat
*Kinds of Amphibian Ships *Seismic Ships *Boats *Ships with Air Defense System *Submarines
*Drilling Ships and more

Bayraktar - İHA

*Training planes *Unmanned Air Vehicles and with armed *helicopters *Drones
*Earth Observation Satellites and more

*Grenade Throwers
*Radar and Electronic Warfares
*Integrated Security Systems
*Supply and AR-GE Projects
*War and Electronic Systems