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Vlog#6 How is living in Istanbul Cihangir? Bosphorus View Apartment $200.000

Vlog#6 How is living in Istanbul Cihangir? Bosphorus View Apartment $200.000

Today, we launched a video about Cihangir where the town is one the most sought after and luxury places in the city. The history of the town is based on hundreds of years ago, the era of the late Ottoman and early the Republic of Turkey at the same time. Cihangir hosts foreign people, artists, singers, film producers who permanently live throughout history and still keeps its value thanks to;

5 minutes away to Kabatas Trainway

5 minutes away to Taksim Metro

5 minutes away to Taksim Square

5 minutes away to the Bosphorus

And posh amenities through the old town

The town consists of numerous old buildings that their history is based on approximately a century ago. On the other hand, plenty of them has been recently restored as their historical value is taken into consideration. Besides, the place hosts numerous cafes, pubs, and bars so that we can say the town is lively 24 hours and here is also one of the most sought after places for people living in the other towns of the city.

Mr. Keith takes us on a journey to an apartment in Cihangir. One bedroom and one bathroom apartment consists of;

Spacious house

Scandinavian flooring

Open kitchen

Commonly Turkish stuff such as Turkish tiles in kitchen, chandeliers, and pieces of furniture

Amazing Bosphorus view seen from the balcony

Another advantage is the proximity to Taksim square. You can access to the center of Istanbul just by walking in 5 minutes. So, it is preferred by the foreign population throughout history. Such a old town includes the variety of foreign people from the Middle East to Europe, from America to Asian people.

Mr. Keith, who is a local settler in the town for decades as a Canadian was our guest for Vlog 6. So we had a great conversation about the texture, architectural, structural elements of the town, advantages, contains and of course living conditions as a foreign person. Additionally, if you are a person of entrepreneur, Cihangir also offers you a great amount of profit with the project raised around such as Galata Port and Tarlabasi Project. As a person living here for a long period, Mr. Keith took us an amazing journey from starting in an apartment owned by one of his clients to the most known monument in Turkey, Taksim Square. The people who is willing to understand to get the texture of the city, especially old towns’ idea should definitely watch the vlog.