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How do I buy an apartment in Turkey?

How do I buy an apartment in Turkey?

Millions of tourists come every year and many of them return from our country as a fan of Turkey. But we know they think seriously about buying a house in Turkey. In this context, you will find the most comprehensive home buying guide for foreigners. If you want to buy a house in Turkey, the procedure may not know how it works. We would like to help you with this and you can use the information we will share with you. Here are getting directory for foreigners buying houses in Turkey:

Can foreigners buy a house in Turkey?

First of all, let's clarify the subject: Foreigners who buy a minimum of $250,000 worth property, will be able to obtain citizenship. Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), according to data released in Turkey in January 2020, a total of 113.615 housing sold; The number of houses sold to foreigners increased by %23.3. Real Estate sales in Turkey increased by 55.8% compared to the same month of the previous year was 113.615 in January 2020. In real estate sales, Istanbul had the highest share with 21,251 house sales and 18.7%.
At the beginning of foreigners who prefer Turkey, through Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Germany and the UK citizens are coming.

How a foreigner buy a property in Turkey?

Foreigners must meet certain legal requirements if they want to buy a house in Turkey. They also need to pay attention to the legal limitations in real estate acquisition.
  1. Decide to which city of Turkey you want to live in.
  2. Look over our website to find your dream house on or call us by +90 212 803-0105.
  3. We will give you the best offers according to your demands and we will compare which one is the best for you.
  4. Visit Turkey through us and you will make an inspection trip to the region and properties with our professional sales team.
  5. After you decided your dream house and make sure of that it’s the best house, neighbourhood and region for you, you can sit back and leave it to us because our experienced team will handle the rest of them. Our priority is your comfort.

If you want to get information about this, please contact us from or by calling +90 212 803-0105.

Is it profitable to buy a property in Turkey for foreigners?

Tax exemption is applied for the first investments of Foreigners in Turkey. Thus, they can own property at a much more affordable price than Turkish citizens. According to the Real Estate Index data, we see that prices have increased by %7 in the last year in Istanbul. These rates are increasing every year, even every month. When you buy a home in Turkey you will never meet a loss. Speaking in light of this data, the import process for foreigners to buy houses in Turkey can be regarded as a profitable investment. Turkey; With its geopolitical location, natural and cultural richness, transportation facilities and newly built bridges, airports and developed tourism, trade, entertainment life, event and congress tourism, it is a strong country with its stable economy as well as being an attractive country for foreign investors. The growing economy, Turkey with mega projects and sector dynamics in the real estate sector to accommodate new opportunities, and to provide added value to investors in the future will continue to increase the value.

What are the Necessary Documents that Foreigners Should Take When Buying a House?

  • Title Deed
  • Identity Documents or Passport (They should also be translated.)
  • Current Market Value
  • Mandatory Earthquake Insurance Paper
  • Real Estate Valuation Report

What are the things that foreigners should pay attention to when buying a house?

Must pay attention to the issues of foreign nationals wishing to purchase immovable property in Turkey are as follows:
  • It should be learned whether the house to be bought has an obstacle to sales such as mortgage or foreclosure. This information can be obtained from the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.
  • An agreement should be made with an intermediary agent that is sure of its reliability.
  • The title deed fee that must be paid in home purchases is paid by the buyer and the real estate owner.

In addition to all this information, we, as Vartur Real Estate & Investment, take care of all these transactions without tiring you. You can look at the dream house you want on or call +90 212 803-0105 and get help from us about the house you need. We provide our pre-sales and after-sales services for your comfort with our experienced professional team. We provide you with all kinds of services thanks to the law office we have contracted for your legal transactions. We find you the home of your dreams with our portfolio which is suitable for every budget and demand. You will just sit back and think about your dream home.