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How big is Antalya?

How big is Antalya?

Antalya is located at the coastal side of the Mediterranean Sea and the 5th most crowded city in the country. Also, it is the 6th biggest city about the land size in Turkey. Within its natural beauties and numerous attractive places, Antalya is one of the most featured cities not only Turkey but also worldwide. The city populated by approximately 2.5 million people is the most famous tourism city in Turkey. Besides, the town takes first place about temporary migration, especially in summer. Additionally, it is the center of citrus. Its economy is based on tourism, agriculture, and trade.

According to research made in Karain and Beldibi Caves, the provenances indicate that there was a life in 50000 B.C. It is also said that the first settlement belonged to the era of Lydia. As the word of Antalya basically means ‘’the Hometown of Attolos’’. With a rooted past, The most ancient cities are found in Antalya. That’s why it promises you cultural and natural values besides summer tourism. The city also hosts one of the best trekking routes - which is 500 kilometers length - in the world.

The Mediterranean climate which is hot and dry in summer and warm and rainy in winter rules the city. The city is generally preferred for summer vacation. It offers you easy transportation. It gives train, bus, taxi and sea bus service all the time.

On the other hand, accommodation and service industries are well developed in Antalya due to hosting the biggest five stars local and foreign hotels. There are hundreds of hotels, hostels and rental houses in each town of the city. Especially, Kas, Sorgun, and Alanya hotels are the best accommodation units among them. Numerous cafes, restaurants, bars, and clubs are found in the city.

The cuisine of the town that is famous for variety is seen as the healthy one with its olive-oiled meals. You can find from Kebab to soup, salad to an appetizer in the cuisine. The citrus jams such as orange and grapefruit are famous for.

You can also find many alternatives for nightlife in the city. It is possible to find a bar, restaurant, club, and pub in each town of Antalya. Besides the entertainment places, the city is staged by important festivals such as Golden Orange Film Festival and International Antalya Piano Festival. In addition to it, the city hosted The Summit of G-20 in 2015 and Expo 2016.

The city is as prestigious as the other cities in Turkey. Thanks to the strategical location, vast land, sunny days, the beauty of nature and more, the feature of the city is to include everything at high standards that’s why it is like a hidden treasure for investment and living.