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Healthcare System in Turkey

Healthcare System in Turkey

Knitted with qualified service industry in related fields such as deluxe hotels, restaurants, cafes, amusement centers and more, Turkey also appeals to foreign nationals thanks to another service industry called healthcare system, which is highly great in either public and city hospitals or private hospitals along the country. As a eliminating example, health tourism on hair transplants, plastic surgery, surgical intervention and so on used by thousands of foreign people globally each year can be indicated to show how experienced doctors and advanced technologies take place in Turkey.

On the other hand, all treatments and the other health services are available for foreign nationals living in Turkey as native people. In the context of the 60th amendments of Turkish Constitution, it is clarified that each individual has the right to get social security and healthcare service. In parallel with it, Turkish Ministry of Health is responsible for providing health service to the whole citizens and foreigners without categorizing them according to race, lingual, religion, sex, political vision, phylosophical belief or economical and social statues. Depending on it, a foreign person should choose to participate in one of the following health insurance systems: Social Security Institution (SGK) or Private Health Insurance.

Healthcare System in Turkey

Urgent Healthcare for Short Travel in Turkey

Urgent healthcare system for short-term visitors in Turkey is entirely free both in private and public hospitals. However, if you want to go to the hospital out of necessary calls such as check-up and blood test, then you should pay some amounts for the procedures.

Healthcare by General Health Insurance

General health insurance means a type of insurance that fulfills all expenses financially when either any health risk comes up or keeping it steady. Focusing on the reciprocality between countries, foreign people who are not involved in any insurance pattern in foreign countries despite having residency permits in Turkey are found in general health insurance. That’s why any foreign individual who resides more than a year should belong to this group and insurance premium amount. The insurance type is completely an asset. You should apply from the closest social security center to you.

Required Documents to Apply for General Health Insurance;

● The Document of Your Residency Permits

● Either the Original or the Copy of Social Security Indicator Received from Related Country’s Social Security Institution

● Written Contract Form

Besides, all treatments (except for chronic diseases before the insurance) are included in general health insurance. What’s more, except for family members out of the country, each person in the family can benefit from the same general health insurance such as;

● Spouse and Children under 18

● Unmarried Children under 20 in case of Studying in High School or Equivalence

● Unmarried Children under 25 in case of Studying Higher Education

● No Matter which Age They are, Unmarried Disabled Children, Father and Mother Acknowledged by the Institution

On the payment issue, the ratio of premium payment is stated out %24 of the minimum wage in Turkey. For foreign students, this ratio changes as %4 of the minimum wage.

Healthcare by Private Health Insurance in Turkey

As an alternative to SGK, you can follow the registration method of extended health insurance policy proving to get treatment from contractual private hospitals through local and international institutions. Due to including well- educated doctors in English, it’s preferred more than public institutions. In addition to it, a traveler should comprehend monthly payment systems of private insurance agencies. People get health service provided by the insurance in equivalence with how much they pay per month. In general, people belonging to the private health insurance can benefit from ambulatory and inpatient treatments. In parallel with it, they can get treatment from contractual private hospitals with pay-free or small amounts. Even when insurance companies don't have any contract at some health institutions, they still pay a little amount of the treatment. To apply for private health insurance, there are plenty of insurance agencies found in almost each city so that you can get more info from their websites or visit insurance companies in person.

Healthcare by Social Security Institution in Turkey

Besides there is a wide range of healthcare systems, applying for health insurance is a compulsory need legally for foreign nationals. If the extent of their health insurance in their own countries corresponds with the legal requirements in Turkey, they can benefit from the same health insurance during their residing in the country. Foreigners who work in Turkish-based workplaces are registered with the Social Security Institution (SGK – Sosyal Guvenlik Kurumu) by employer.

Moreover, SGK enables all foreigners to get ambulatory and inpatient treatments in public clinics and hospitals as well as consisting of many treatments such as pregnancy, professional injuries and diseases in addition to incapacity to work fund in case of necessary.

However, working in Turkey is not a must to register SGK. You can attend to the insurance system by paying a certain amount per month. Insurance premium can change referring to age, nationality, health record and the extent of the insurance.

International Social Security Agreement

Turkey signed social security agreements with numerous countries. According to the agreement, each side should promise to treat foreign employees equally. Same situation confronts us on the healthcare issue signed with Albania, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia-Hersegia, Luxembourg, Libya, Norway, Cekia, Romania, Denmark, Sweden, Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic, France, Macedonia, Switzerland and Georgia.