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Galataport Istanbul will offer a brand new living space for local and foreign tourists and Istanbul residents with its port terminal, private restaurant chains, cafes, world-famous brands, and office spaces. Galataport Istanbul is a worldwide project that will bring life to the coastline from Karaköy Pier to Mimar Sinan University Fındıklı Campus. Istanbul is a timeless city, a unique experience that has been the capital of three great empires from Rome to Byzantine and from there to the Ottoman Empire. On the other hand, Galataport Istanbul will offer a new discovery area to those who come to explore this unique geography. Galataport Istanbul, which is an extension of the fascinating historical peninsula, located in the region where the Bosphorus surrounds the old city, will reveal this coastline that has been hidden behind the old warehouses for nearly 200 years. With the Galataport project, this coastline will become a public landscape that connects the city to the sea. While passing through the small streets between the buildings towards the Bosphorus, the historical monuments of the city will be renewed by staying true to the original. In addition, new office spaces will be created, taking into account the financial importance of the region.
In short, Galataport Istanbul will bring one of the most beautiful regions of Istanbul back to the city with a modern perspective.

Life at Galataport
Galataport Istanbul will be a brand new district project that grows regional tourism with its cafes and restaurants, world-renowned brands and culture-art events. Galataport Istanbul, which will become a popular destination for Istanbul residents in four seasons; with landmarks such as Nusretiye Mosque, Tophane Mansion, Tophane Fountain and Kılıç Ali Paşa Mosque; it will become an ideal place for organizing culture-art events such as open-air exhibitions, art installations, concerts. The 14,000 m2 recreation area, which includes the historical Tophane Clock Tower, which has been restored in its current place with a special technique, will be kept alive with many activities such as culture, art, design, and fashion throughout the year and will become a point of attraction for both Istanbul residents and tourists. Galata Port project is located in Istanbul, Turkey, which is one of the best examples of contemporary art in Istanbul and the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art and Sculpture Museum.

Food&Beverage in Galataport
Galataport Istanbul is preparing to become the new gastronomic focus of Istanbul with its world flavors to its visitors. Having hosted many different cultures in the past, Galataport Istanbul will offer a wide range of Turkish and World cuisines. This gastronomy concept, which will cover 35% of the total land area of coastline and small streets.

Shopping at Galataport
Enjoy a unique shopping experience right next to the Bosphorus. While Galataport Istanbul offers its guests an integrated living space full of culture, art, and new ideas, it will host shops with a stunning Bosphorus view with unusual shopping opportunities. Designed to attract the attention of visitors, wide walkways and large store windows will make shopping much more enjoyable with the most up-to-date store concepts and collections of many national and international brands in different segments. There will be approximately 250 stores and food&beverage points waiting for its visitors on the coastline and the surrounding streets.
While the proximity of Galataport Istanbul to Karaköy and Kabataş transportation facilitates both by sea and land, it will make life easier for the visitors coming with the vehicle with its closed car park with a capacity of approximately 2,300 vehicles.

Hotel in Galataport
While historical buildings in Galataport Istanbul are being restored as part of the project, the historical treasures of Istanbul will regain its former value. Peninsula Hotel, which has a unique place among the world's leading hotel chains, operates with its exclusive and luxurious hotels in 10 major cities in addition to the first and pioneering hotel in Hong Kong founded in 1928. The new hotel of the Peninsula chain to be opened in Galataport Istanbul will be an investment that adds great value to the tourism potential of the city. Existing Merkez Han, Karaköy Passenger Lounge, and an old warehouse area of ​​the hotel lobby into the area, based on the history in 1940 and Turkey's first modern passenger port terminal to be constructed in Karakoy Hall. The ballroom of the hotel and all the activities to be held in the hotel will take place in a special area with the old warehouse. The feature of this area is that it is a closed area with a special guillotine facade that can be opened in fifteen seconds while meeting the Bosporus air.

Galataport Pier
Galataport Istanbul will play an important role in reaching the city where it deserves in terms of cruise tourism and opening this unique coastline to public access. The harbor, which is expected to have 25 million visitors, approximately 7 million tourists and 1.5 million cruise passengers each year; It will have the capacity of hosting 3 cruise ships at the same time and approximately 15,000 passengers per day. Galataport Istanbul's new cruise terminal and customs area will be the first project to be implemented in the world. The terminal, which is equipped with the latest technologies will have 29,000 square meters underground. All passenger and baggage operations of the terminal, which will make a great contribution to the tourism of the country, will work with a flawless system located underground. Passport control and customs procedures; By directing vehicle traffic such as taxi, minibus, tour bus to the underground, it will be ensured to watch the sea view above ground level.

Galataport Offices
With Galataport Istanbul, the regional economy will come to life with brand new office spaces. In modern offices accompanied by the fascinating view of the Bosphorus, employees will experience a unique working environment. While 43,000 square meters of office space is home to many domestic and foreign brands and companies from different sectors; The region's culture-art and design center will also prepare a creative office environment for its employees.