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Does Turkish Airline Have WiFi?

Does Turkish Airline Have WiFi?

You can keep working and connecting to world in international flights. The types of B777, B787, A330, A321 NEO ve B737 MAX have suitable Wifi that are used Turk Telekom infrustructure. There won’t be problem using applications that need high band technology thanks to broadband technology that you are able to use from your laptops, telephones and Ipads.

Turkish Airlines shares 1 GB internet with people who fly in Business Class for free. On the other hand, people in economy class need to buy 9.99 USD for an hour or 29.99 USD for 24 hours to get service. Besides, people in business class keeps using the internet by buying additional packages if they finish the internet that Turkish Airlines shares.

The member of Miles & Smiles Elite/ Elite Plus can use 400 MB while the member of Miles & Smiles Classic/ Classic Plus may use 10 MB internet for free. Besides, people can register to Miles & Smiles Classic to benefit from the internet service during their flights.

In addition to the services written in detail above, people who fly to the types of B777, B787 ve A330 can benefit from Live TV and eXPhone either. Within these services, some tv channels are lively watched, accessing safely from mobile devices to the internet can be suitable and text messages can be done.

The Electiricity
You can charge your devices such as laptops and phones with USB link and outputs which are found at planes.
Electricity and USB services are found all passenger cabines at B777-300ER ve A330-300. On the other hand, electricity can be used by Business Class at types of B787, B737 MAX, B737-900 ER ve A321 NEO while Turkish Airlines offers USB connection on the monitor for Economy Class in these types.