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Does Istanbul Airport have a hotel?​​​​​​​

Does Istanbul Airport have a hotel?​​​​​​​


The hotel is one of the biggest airport hotels in the world with its 451 cabins - which are 277 rooms at the landside and 174 in the airside - besides being the biggest airport in Europe. All people who are going to pass from passport control and passengers who will internationally travel from the airport or arrive at Istanbul Airport can accommodate in YOTELAIR where is the side of air.

YOTEL Airport Hotel – which is the most sought after hotel in Istanbul Airport – serves for both local and transit passengers with its two different hotels found at air and land sides. Besides people who travel for business and entertainment, YOTEL was also designed by caring flying crew in Istanbul Airport and companies that are found in Istanbul. Also, it gives multiple services such as advanced technology cabins are ergonomically controlled, custom design SmartBeds, smart TVs enabling to content flow from mobile devices of guests, dynamic lighting, monsoon rain shower cabins and super fast and free WiFi with its charming personnels as the shortest and best ways as it is possible.

Public places offer the choice of self-service food and drink besides providing people to refresh their energy, resting and enabling to arrange a meeting. They can also use 7/24 open Fitness center, KOMYUNITI bar and restaurant found in Istanbul Airport.

Due to being highly close to passenger departure and passport control points and the opportunity of cabin reservations starting from 4 hours, YOTEL Istanbul Airport is an ideal place for guests who travel to distant flights. On the other hand, people can make check-in and check-out by themselves the same as the airport kiosks so that they can avoid long lines and saving more time. Additionally, YOTEL, in an other saying ‘’YOTEL Istanbul’’ offers advanced technological meeting rooms in changeable sizes to people and companies who travel for a business trip.