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Does easyJet go to Istanbul?

Does easyJet go to Istanbul?

easyJet was founded by a Greek entrepreneur whose name is Stelios Haji-Ioannou in 1995. The airline that was founded in England aims to low costs for passengers. The firm is recognized by low rate services connecting to important trade and entertainment centers.

The reason why easyJet flights are highly economic is that ticket prices don’t include food and beverage. Passengers have to buy separately light food and beverage that is offered at the whole flights. easyJet was the first airline that started this practice in Europe. An additional advantage of being the low cost of the ticket price is because the airline sells tickets directly from their points such as the point at the airports or its own website instead of cooperating broker agencies. That’s why passengers don’t pay a commission. Besides, the company holds the returnal periods below 30 minutes to save from airport taxes and it also reflects ticket prices.

easyJet flying to the 100 most preferred routes in Europe and 50 big airports is the number one as airline network in Europe

On the other hand, easyJet is the biggest airline company in England while at 4th place in the whole of Europe. In 2009, totally 46 million passengers – that 28 million of this amount flown from England – traveled with the airline in a year.

Sustainability is a high concern for the airline. Within the investments made in advanced technologies, easyJet decreased CO2 emission rate %25 more. Its fleet consists of 200 planes whose ages are averagely 3.5 years old. We can say that it is quite young unlike the idea of junk planes they are using due to the low prices.

Which locations does easyJet fly in Turkey?

The airline, unfortunately, doesn’t fly to Istanbul. However, there are some places that fly into the western shores of the country such as Dalaman (Mugla), Bodrum (Mugla), Antalya and Izmir. These places are known as vacation places worldwide and also sought after place for various cultures from all over the world. If you plan to Istanbul for business, we advise that you can arrange another trip to these places for sunny vacations in the middle of amazing nature near long beaches.