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Do I need medical insurance for Turkey?

Do I need medical insurance for Turkey?

Sorts of medical insurance depend on which purpose you are traveling to Turkey. If you aim to visit the country for a temporary purpose, you need to get a ‘’Turkey Visa Travel Insurance’’ which is prepared privately to people who travel to Turkey before coming. Foreign nationals need to handle with the policy in the stage of visa application so that they are secured to accident situations or health problems causing suddenly.

Within this insurance;
  • Medical treatment for sudden disease and wounds: 30.000 Euro
  • In the situation of being discharged or transferred: Including medical treatment guarantee
  • Transfering of death insured: Including medical treatment guarantee
  • Medical info and consultancy: Limitless

On the other hand, if you are a person who dreams of settling here as a foreigner, you have to do ‘’Foreign Health Insurance’’ as an individual applying for the residence permit. With a law launched in 11 April 2014, Being done annually private health insurance is a must.
At the same time, a foreign person needs to do foreign health insurance to get a work permit either. Otherwise, you can not be allowed to work here legally.
As I said, foreign health insurance is a must to live no matter which purpose you are coming to. For foreign students, they need to do foreign health insurance to get an education in Turkey and reregistration to their insurances each year, during the education periods. For instance, a year will probably be fine if you are an Erasmus student. However, you need to renew your health insurance for at least four years to be graduated from a bachelor's degree.

The advantages of foreign health insurance are;
  • It is suitable for a residence permit.
You can make the process easier by selecting Foreigners In Turkey (FIT) Health Insurance in your residence application.
  • You can choose a suitable package for your needs.
  • You can be insured by the age of 65

There are also numerous advantages for private health insurance but contents are changeable company to company that’s why you can get in touch with insurance companies to get more detail and learn clearly about the whole process.